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The new Port wine museum in the city of Porto

Porto's new wine museum has been designed by the city's most famous architect / Camilo Rebelo
Standing proudly on Porto’s riverside is the latest addition to the cultural life of the city, an experience that pays homage to the main symbol of the region. That’s right, the big news of 2018 in Porto is the arrival of the new Museum of Port Wine.

5 good reasons to live in Porto

Samuel Zeller/Unsplash
Porto, or Invicta (the Unvanquished City), as the Portuguese sometimes call it, is more alive than ever. The charms of Portugal’s second city weren’t overlooked by the British newspaper the Financial Times, which recently listed five reasons why living in the city of Porto was worthwhile.

Erasmus accommodation in Portugal

What is the best way to find a place to live in Portugal as an Erasmus student? / Gtres
Your Erasmus exchange is fast approaching, you still have no idea where you’re going to live and you’re getting worried. Well, thankfully, we’re here to help you and after you read this article you’ll be ready to go out and find somewhere to live for your Erasmus year in Portugal.

How to send or transfer money in Portugal

How do you move money in Portugal or between countries? / Gtres
Sending money in Portugal isn’t expensive or difficult. However, you do need to compare different services and their rates to find the best deal for you. This article will help you to do your research and make your transfer successfully.

A food tour around Portugal in 11 dishes

Portuguese cuisine is one of the biggest reasons that people visit the country
If you are thinking of moving to Portugal, you must've heard that this country is famous for its amazing food. Each region has its very own speciality and we have decided to break it down for you so that not a single dish is left out on your gastronomical tour around the country.

How to get your NIF number in Portugal

The NIF number is a necessary document for living in Portugal / Gtres
You just moved to sunny Portugal, tried to open a bank account and got asked for your NIF number… what exactly is that? Most ex-pats will run into this question quite soon after moving to Portugal.

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