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Safest places to live in Europe

Where are the most secure and secret European destinations?
Getting itchy feet with the approach of summer? Want to just get away from it all without telling anyone where you are? Looking to escape ‘Love Island’? Help is at hand.

What are the running costs of a house in Portugal?

How much is the cost of running a Portuguese property? / Gtres
Once you’ve decided where you want to buy property in Portugal and how much you can expect to pay based on average house prices there, you’ll also want to know about the price of upkeep and maintenance.

Golden Visas: investment in Portugal plummets

The number of Gold Visas for foreign investment given out by Portugal is falling / Gtres
The level of investment that comes to Portugal thanks to the Golden Visas it gives out to people from overseas is decreasing, though real estate continues to be the main driver of the programme.

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