How to change the titleholder of an electricity or gas contract in Portugal

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash
Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash
9 September 2019, Redaction

Often after moving, be that because of having changed to another rental house or bought a house, the previous electricity and gas contracts are still in force. In these cases, since the contract is in another person’s name, it’s necessary to change the titleholder. In this article we will explain everything you have to do.

The titleholder of an electricity or gas contract is assigned, to the person who will be the new titleholder, the responsibility of the changes and situations which can arise with the contract in question.

In case you have gone to live in a new house which already has electricity registered, for example, and you don’t know with which company it has been contracted or you don’t know the current titleholder of the supply contract, you can get in contact with the electricity distributor who will inform you about the supply and how to change the contract titleholder.  The change of titleholder can be carried out by the old titleholder or the new titleholder.

How to change the titleholder of the gas and electricity contract

There are several ways to request a titleholder of a supply contract and it doesn’t cost anything. The requests to change the titleholder are made to electricity supply companies, and the changeover period tends to be between 5 to 7 working days. Also, the supply isn’t interrupted.

To change the titleholder, you have to provide the following documents: details of the new owner, details of the previous owner, full address of the supply point (home address), the rental contract or the deed and the bank account number of the titleholder.

How much does it cost to change the contract titleholder?

It is completely free to change the titleholder of a contract for electricity or gas supply. However, the energy distributors have to carry out inspections periodically (every 3 years), which will impose costs for the client. Before carrying out the inspection, the company will inform the client of the date, hour and the cost.

When to request a change of titleholder?

It’s important to make this change each time that someone moves onto something else. However, some cases of divorce and death of the previous titleholder are frequent.

Contact for the change of contract titleholder?

If you want to change the titleholder of the electricity or gas contract you should get in contact with the energy distributor. Although you need to provide a lot of details and documents, you don’t have to provide it yourself.

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