5 destinations in Portugal for a Christmas getaway

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27 November 2019, Redaction

Christmas is coming and with it comes parties, food, lights and joy. At this time, your greatest concern should probably be what to give to that second cousin you see once a year, but we can't help you there. However, as we don't like to see you stressed, we recommend the following destinations in order to help you cope: 5 beautiful destinations in Portugal for a Christmas getaway.


The Castle of Óbidos / Wikimedia commons

Óbidos is one of the seven architectural wonders of Portugal and one of the most cherished villages by the Portuguese.

However, the real charm of Óbidos can only be felt during Christmas time, when a radical transformation renames this town “Vila Natal”. Daily shows take place on the stages set up for the event, skating rinks are installed on site and it is even possible to visit Santa's chalet.

After a day of fun, don't miss the opportunity to warm up your body with a typical local ginjinha, a liqueur made with sour cherries.


The medieval town wall in Bragança / Creative commons

Bragança combines its history with contemporary modernity. It was once called “Juliobriga” in honour of Julius Caesar and established itself as a town of great importance in Roman times.

A visit to Bragança implies getting to know its history and, therefore, we particularly recommend that you explore the Medieval Castle and the Domus Municipalis, which is a unique example in the Iberian Peninsula of civil Romanesque architecture.

However, if you visit this city during the month of December you will be surprised by the Land of Christmas and Dreams, where you will find a continuous party that offers all sorts of Christmas delicacies, as well as entertainment oriented more towards children.

Santa Maria da Feira

Castle of Santa Maria da Feira / Pixabay

Santa Maria da Feira is famous for its fogaça and medieval festivals during the summer, but surprises those who visit it during the month of December.

Opening its doors on 1st December, Quinta do Castelo gives life to the largest theme park dedicated to Christmas. Known as “Perlim”, this park is one of the biggest Christmas attractions in Portugal, attracting tourists of all nationalities.

When you're "tired" of the park's amusements, discover the castle and its charming farmhouse, which are in perfect condition.


Christmas tree in Lisbon / Flickr/Creative commons

Any occasion is good to visit Lisbon. And Christmas is no exception. During this time the capital is the brightest city in Portugal. And this is something you won't want to miss.

The city is dressed up for Christmas and preparations are already being made for the entertainment dedicated to kids and adults. There are several theatre plays on display during this season and workshops are also organised for children. What's more, the ice rinks are getting ready for a lot of fun.

If you haven't finished buying the gifts yet, take advantage of the “Campo pequeno” Christmas Market to solve this issue!


Cathedral of Guarda / Wikimedia commons

From 1st to 25th December, Guarda, the country's highest city, presents its inhabitants and visitors with a Christmas that shines brightly.

Once again, Guarda becomes the Natal City. The Praça Luís de Camões will be the centre of all the entertainment, with a 24-meter ice ramp that will surely delight the little ones. In addition, the Casa do Pai Natal, the Parisian Carrousel, the giant Snow Globe and the imposing 13-metre tree will complete the scenery, marked by the illuminated Cathedral of Guarda.

If you choose to spend Christmas in Guarda, don't forget that Serra da Estrela is right next door. In other words, take the chance to glide in the snow.

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