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Belmonte, Castelo Branco is the cheapest place in Portugal to rent property / Câmara Municipal de Belmonte

The cheapest place to rent property in Portugal

Renting a house in Portugal was 9.3% more expensive in 2018 than previous years, with the average cost per square metre for the whole country reaching 4.80 euro, which is 0.45 euro per square foot.

The 7 things that buyers look for in a house in Portugal

If you are looking for a property in Portugal, sometimes it is not easy to find the right dream house or the perfect holiday home. There are many factors to consider when choosing a home, from the number of rooms to the balcony to the garage parking space – every detail counts.
Rent to buy homes available in Portugal

Rent to own homes in Portugal

If you're not yet ready to take the big step of buying a home, a lease option could just be the perfect chance to get a taste of your future home before you invest.
Advice for decorating your property before renting it out

How to transform a property before renting it out

When planning to rent out a property, the first thing to be done is to improve it with some changes to make it more attractive when put on the market. The more extensive the improvements, the easier it will be to rent at a good price.
Ready to find the house of your dreams?

Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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