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4 places in Portugal to visit in winter

It's fair to say that the cold weather has arrived. Even in Portugal the chill of winter has crept into the air, and while it is better known for its sunny beaches, Portugal is full of surprises and has plenty of beautiful sights to take in in the winter months.

Portugal's most spectacular forests to enjoy in autumn

Autumn is truly upon us, the heat of the summer is no more than a memory, and the cold of winter is on its way. But while the weather has certainly gotten cooler, we are not yet in the depths of winter when you want nothing more than to curl up under a blanket at home. It's not so cold outside yet!

Visiting World Heritage Cities in Portugal

The categorisation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is, at a worldwide level, one of the most important that can be attributed to a loction, as far as the preservation of our cultural heritage at least. In Portugal, there are currently 17 places distinguished as World Heritage Sites, which are ideal

The best Portuguese cheeses that you have to try

Not only is Portugal a country with plenty to see and do, but it is also well known for its delicious gastronomic scene, with local produce taking centre stage. This includes wonderful Portuguese cheese, and with the arrival of autumn and the cooler days, foodie plans are more and more desired.
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