Lisbon: one of the most innovative cities in the world and the best for studying

A study carried out by Ambr Eyewear evaluated several innovation indicators: creativity, connectivity, education, quality of life and employment opportunities.

Photo by Helio Dilolwa on Unsplash
Photo by Helio Dilolwa on Unsplash
12 November 2020, Redaction

Lisbon is in the Top 3 of the world's most innovative cities, according to a ranking prepared by Ambr Eyewear. The Portuguese capital finished ahead of Berlin, New York, Tokyo, and even London, in a vast list that evaluated almost everything: from internet speed, quality of life, job opportunities and even creativity. In education, Lisbon gains even more prominence, having been elected as the best city to study in.

"The world needs innovation. Without it, we wouldn't have the technology for the latest smartphones, smart cars or even modern medicine. Innovation opens space for creativity and stimulates progress", states Ambr Eyewear in the presentation page of the study and its methodology.

To rank the best cities in the world in terms of "innovative and creative minds", the company looked at metropolitan areas with the best innovation indicators in terms of creativity, connectivity, education, quality of life and well-being and, of course, employment opportunities. Analysts also looked at the number of science museums, art galleries and universities to draw a broader picture of what makes a city really work.

Paris (France) ranks first in the overall ranking of the most innovative cities, followed by Barcelona (Spain) in second place and Lisbon, which closes the Top 3. Washington (USA) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) appear in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Lisbon: the best city in the world to study in

In the category analysis, Wellington in New Zealand wins the title of quality of life and well-being, and Washington is the city with the best job opportunities, as well as technology and media opportunities. Paris has the best connectivity and creativity (it has the most art galleries and remarkable buildings of architecture) while Lisbon is considered the best city to study in, with over 30 universities in its territory.

Lisbon is one of Europe and Portugal's top Erasmus destinations and leads the way when it comes to new student accommodation. Many international students from Europe and across the world are attracted to the pleasant weather and the relaxed vibe of Portugal's capital and make it their study abroad destination of choice.

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