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6 Portuguese Christmas traditions you can’t miss

Learn all about these 6 Portuguese traditions / Gtres
In Portugal there are all sorts of Christmas traditions, from the traditional Christmas tree to big fires, masks, chestnuts and even bananas. Today we tell you all about 6 of the most characteristic Portuguese traditions that have been celebrated over the years.

House of the week - 7th December 2018

Large house in the best neighbourhood in Lisbon
If you want to buy a luxury property in Portugal, look no further than this house for sale in the Belém district of Lisbon, a luxury home overlooking the Tagus River.

Contracts of employment in Portugal

Work contracts in Portugal: types, clauses and conditions / Gtres
Moving to Portugal, finding a house, learning the language, landing a job… it can all be very draining. When you do find a job in Portugal, it’s tempting to simply sign the employment contract and be done with it.

House of the week - 30th November 2018

Live in a mansion in Estoril, Portugal
If you’re going to live in Portugal, you have to choose the best place, which is without a doubt Cascais. Located just a few miles outside Lisbon, this area offers tranquillity, views of the sea and many options for leisure activities.

New house? These 6 tips will help you with the move

Six golden rules for moving / FOTO FILIPPO BAMBERGHI/Architectural Digest
Do you know what to keep in mind after choosing a new home? Today, idealista helps you with the process of moving into a new house, which is always an exciting stage, with six simple steps that will help you enjoy the moment instead of getting stressed.

Healthcare in Portugal after Brexit – Brits are covered

Find out the latest Brexit info for ex-pats in Europe / Gtres
Many British ex-pats who live in Portugal and elsewhere in Europe have been worrying about their status recently, but thanks to the new Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill going through parliament, they will be covered in terms of healthcare after Brexit.

5 "vilas de Natal" Christmas fairs in Portugal

"Vilas de Natal" / Wikipedia
The most magical season of the year is on its way, and with it the "vilas" or Christmas fairs in Portugal. Ornaments, decorations, sweets and cakes, hot chocolate, Santa Claus, street markets, plays, magic trains, lights, Xmas trees...

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