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How to get your Portuguese house ready for winter

How to adapt your house for winter in Portugal 2018
Winter is coming and it's important that you know how to regulate the heat in your house, so you can enjoy a warm home when the temperatures in Portugal drop and make sure you’re not paying too much.

House of the week - 19th October 2018

Our house of the week is a great investment opportunity
If you have always wanted to live in a stylish and practical apartment, only a stone's throw away from an amazing Portuguese beach, or simply to invest in something profitable and secure, this might be your opportunity...

Famous people who live (or have a house) in Portugal 2018

Madonna, Michael Fassbender, Monica Bellucci, Christian Louboutin and John Malkovich all live in Portugal
Portugal is on the up and up, becoming a more famous destination to buy a place in the sun. Celebrities are also getting in on the act, buying up property in Portugal left, right and centre, so if you go and live there you’ll be in good company.

Getting your academic degree accredited in Portugal

Validating a university degree from another country in Portugal / Gtres
There are three different ways to validate your foreign academic qualifications: Equivalence, Recognition and Registration. We are here to tell you all about them, so there’ll be nothing to get in the way of you pursuing your academic career in Portugal. Equivalence and Recognition

House of the week - 5th October 2018

Our house of the week is in an amazing location
You couldn't ask for a better location than where this Pinhão House is. It is situated in a very privileged area with views over the sea and the historical centre of the Portuguese city Lagos, as well as the marina and the well-known "Meia Praia" beach.

10 weird things Portuguese people do

We love the Portuguese, but sometimes they sure are funny...
If you’ve already lived in Portugal for a while, you’ll know what we mean. If you’re getting ready to go there, be warned about what you might find – Portuguese people are really lovely but have some strange customs. Here, we run down the 10 strangest habits of the Portuguese.

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