Europe's 10 safest beaches in 2020: 3 Portuguese beaches make the list

The ranking was prepared by the European Best Destinations Organization (EBD).

 Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
8 June 2020, Redaction

After months of confinement, and with the gradual lifting of restrictions in Portugal and across Europe, catching some sun and getting some fresh air is top of everyone's list. The good weather and the heat make going to the beach sound like a very attractive option this summer 2020, but rememeber, this summer there will be additional rules and regulations to follow. However, even in the midst of a global health pandemic, the golden Portuguese sands continue to stand out. European Best Destinations (EBD) has drawn up a list of the 10 safest beaches for a summer holiday in Europe in 2020, and three of them are in Portugal.

Comporta (in Setúbal), Meia Praia (in Lagos) and Porto Santo (in the Madeira archipelago) have won a place in the ranking of the safest beach destinations for a family holiday this summer. Portugal is the only country with three beaches on the list, topped by Preveza, in Greece. There are also well ranked beaches in Poland, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany.

The ranking took into account several criteria, namely the low number of people infected by the coronavirus in the area, the size of the beaches, the number of square metres available for each person and the accommodation on offer. "These destinations were selected based on the large number of private villas on offer, as well as tourist apartments and small and medium-sized hotels with health rules and commitment to tourists, such as cleaning and disinfecting rooms after each stay or respect for social distancing," explains EBD, adding that close to all destinations on the list, there are "hospitals that were never overcrowded during the health crisis".

Let's have a look at the full list of the 10 safest beaches in Europe in 2020:

  1. Preveza, Greece
  2. Comporta, Setúbal - Portugal
  3. Hel Peninsula, Poland
  4. Porto Santo, Madeira - Portugal 
  5. Halikounas, Greece
  6. Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta
  7. Meia Praia, the Algarve - Portugal
  8. Jurmala, Latvia
  9. Nida, Lithuania
  10. Binz, Germany
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