Small kitchen design ideas – how to make your kitchen space look much bigger

5 February 2019,

Do you have a house with a small kitchen? There’s no reason to despair, since nowadays there are decorative tricks to make your small kitchen more spacious and bright. These handy decorating tips for narrow kitchens include choosing smaller cupboards, taking advantage of the full height of the room to place more shelves, choosing bright and luminous colours and playing with indirect light. Get inspired by these decorative ideas and make your small kitchen design work for you.

In a narrow kitchen, choose smaller cabinets

Generally speaking, kitchen cabinets are 60 cm deep. If your kitchen is narrow, and you don't want to give up storage space, take advantage of the wall space and install cabinets that are 30 or 40 cm deep, as shown in the photo of this kitchen.

Project by Molins Design

Use the full height for cupboards and don’t sacrifice breakfast space

Whenever possible, try to place furniture that reaches all the way up the ceiling to gain storage space. Remember to store all the kitchen utensils that you don't use very often at the top of the cupboards. It is also a good idea to have a small table for everyday use.

Space created by Erika Suberviola

In small kitchens, choose bright, clear colours

In a small space, the right choice of colours defines the layout and feeling of the space. Especially if you have a narrow kitchen, it's a good idea to choose smooth, handle-less fronts for your kitchen cabinets – in modern kitchens, you can use pressure-open cabinets. In order to achieve a visually uniform and ample space, the furniture, wall and floor should all be of the same colour – white, if possible.

Project by TLA Studio

Choose your materials well and experiment with indirect light

In many small houses, the biggest challenge for owners is normally to achieve a bright kitchen in which a sense of breadth also prevails. In this sense, choosing the right materials is essential. A glass-ceramic induction cooker (like in the kitchen in the photo) increases light, creates reflections and consequently increases space visually.

Project by Lautoka Urbana

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