One of the largest pieces of street art in Europe can be found in Lisbon

Rui Alexandre Ferreira, RAF as he is more commonly known, is the artist who gave life to this incredible street painting of 2,600m2.

A bird's eye view of this spectacular street art in Lisbon / Cin
23 January 2020, Redaction

Vibrant, unusual and one of a kind. Let us present to you "Talude" (which means embankment), one of the largest works of street art in Europe. The idea was born in Helena Vaz da Silva Street, in the neighbourhood of Lumiar, Lisbon, from the hands of RAF.  Rui Alexandre Ferreira is the street artist who gave life to this incredible painting of 2600m2.

The artist, who works and lives in the Lisbon neighborhood, used more than 70 colour references from the Portuguese painting brand Cin, collaborating with RAF in this challenge. Through vibrant colours and airbrush techniques, the artist created three-dimensional visual effects that "create the illusion of volume and attribute dimension" and that "awaken curiosity", the statement said.

Adding value and "awakening" Lumiar, Lisbon's oldest civil parish, were two of the main objectives of the artist, who is part of the community and wanted to improve the space, which was already a reference in the Portuguese art scene and in European urban art itineraries.

This piece is vibrant, unusual and one of a kind / Cin
The artist used more than 70 colour references / Cin
The painting occupies an area of 2,600m2 / Cin
Detail / Cin
RAF's artwork from above / Cin
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