7 reasons to choose local accommodation when travelling in Portugal

There are many reasons to choose local accommodation when travelling / Kelcie Gene Papp on Unsplash
There are many reasons to choose local accommodation when travelling / Kelcie Gene Papp on Unsplash
30 January 2020, Redaction

When we choose a holiday destination we immediately think of where we will be staying. A hotel may seem like the obvious option, but these days there are many more alternatives. Local accommodation (normally a property rented out by a local) is one of the main alternatives, and it has been gaining fans all over the world.

But what are the benefits of such short-term rentals? What distinguishes a hotel from local accommodation? And why are more and more people wanting something else when it comes to travelling? Hostmaker, a local accommodation management company, lists the advantages of this type of property. Let's have a look at the seven reasons that can make you a fan of this type of accommodation when you travel in Portugal.

Feeling at home

This is the first advantage pointed out by Hostmaker. In local accommodation the experience becomes much more personal, since in a hotel we are often "one more guest, until the next arrives". With the opportunity to choose a house to your liking, there is "nothing better than to walk through the door and feel that the house is yours, even if only for a few days", writes the local accommodation company.

It's cheaper than a hotel

If you have a large family with children and babies, staying in a hotel can be quite expensive - in some cases, parents don't even have the option to leave their children alone in another room. A property with local accommodation can be quite comfortable in these cases, as there is a guarantee that the children will be comfortable and safe in the room next-door.

Saving on meals

If you have the opportunity to cook your own meals you can save the money you would spend in restaurants for other experiences. The local accommodation company gives this advice: "Take a chance, go to the market, buy fresh produce and ask local traders what typical recipes you can try at home".

Local experience

In a hotel there may be a minimal immersion in the local culture, but there is always the feeling that you are inside a standard room and could be anywhere in the world. In a local accommodation property the experience can be more personalised in this respect as each room often has its own decoration inspired by the culture of that place.

Activities at home

Hard to come by are hotel rooms that offer more than one small TV and a magazine. However, more and more local accommodation owners ensure that the property has books, films, board games and other types of home entertainment so that once again guests feel at home.


How many of us don't get stressed by the need to get to the hotel breakfast on time or run out of time to leave the room free for daily cleaning? In local accommodation this isn't something you have to worry about, making your break much more relaxing; you just have to wake up and go through your day as you desire.

Availability of the management company

Anyone who has stayed in a local accommodation property knows that there are always things to ask during your stay. The fact that guests can count on a management company that can offer support at any time or situation gives guests some more peace of mind. Did you forget your keys? Can't you open the gate with the code? Do you need more towels? "The management companies are always on-hand." 

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