How to successfully work from home and manage your team remotely

Find out how to maintain the productivity of employees working from home in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
25 March 2020, Redaction

Working from home is very much a reality for thousands in Portugal and beyond because of the coronavirus pandemic. But how can you best lead or manage a team remotely? These seven tips and tricks provided by Jason Aten, an associate at Inc., who has addressed the topic of remote work from another perspective, should help Human Resources teams. Let's have a look:

1. Keep daily records

If possible, registration of tasks should be done individually, every day and face-to-face by video, since telephone or e-mail conversations have their limitations. Technology is therefore a great ally. The goal is to set priorities and give feedback and resources to all team members.

2. Communication

It is crucial to communicate with the team, which is not always easy from a distance, because there may be a feeling of loneliness. 

3. Using and abusing technology

Managers should try to keep the team connected, and communication tools are a simple way to keep everyone involved. Microsoft Teams, for example, is a good help.

4. Expectation Management

One useful trick is to help the team understand what to do and create realistic expectations for their work. Organisation is a watchword, both personal and professional, and the tasks to be done and the reasons behind them must be well defined. Managers must help the team understand exactly how they will quantify success. 

5. Focus on results, not activity

It is not possible to manage all aspects of the work done by a remote team, especially when it is spread over different locations. The focus should not be on the activity or the hours worked, but on the results.

6. Equipping the teams

Teams must have the technology to do their job. Employees must have laptops, the relevant software, mobile devices and a good Internet connection. 

7. Flexibility

Nowadays, people who work as a team and remotely have a lot on their mind. It's not an excuse not to do things, but it's a reason to rethink what productivity really means. You have to trust team members and give them the freedom and flexibility to work the hours that help them to be the most productive. 

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