What is Erasmus and is it for me?

The Erasmus programme is open to all and may just be perfect for you / Gtres
The Erasmus programme is open to all and may just be perfect for you / Gtres
15 June 2018, Redaction

Everyone knows someone who has done the Erasmus programme, but what exactly does it entail? Once you find out, you’ll want to know how you can be a part of it, so read on.

Erasmus is an exchange programme for European students which offers the possibility to study or work abroad in any European country that takes part, which most do. The exchange normally lasts for at least 3 months, with the maximum being one year.

Who can apply?

Many students assume the programme is only for language students and so don’t apply, but they’re wrong. Anyone studying in a higher educational institution can apply to the programme if they are studying a recognised tertiary level qualification (a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a Doctorate). Your university must also be in one of the Erasmus member countries.

If money is a problem, don’t worry. The programme gives support and grants for Erasmus students to help them pay for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is even additional aid for students who go on apprenticeships and those from less well-off backgrounds. What’s more, all Erasmus students are exempt from tuition fees, registration, exam costs and charges for use of the university laboratories and libraries. The grant levels and fixed rates for exchanges are available in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

Lisbon is in the top 5 Erasmus cities

The Portuguese capital is one of the most popular destinations among exchange students and for a good reason – the weather is always sunny, the city is ranked as one of the safest capitals in Europe and there’s something for everyone. Other great cities worth considering are Porto, Aveiro and Faro, where you can get to know the Portuguese way of life.

Erasmus in Portugal doesn’t only offer warm afternoons at the beach, the best food you’ve ever had and making friends with cool locals; it also has a broad selection of great universities. The University of Coimbra is Portugal’s oldest university and local students wear a traditional uniform and “Harry Potter”-style cloaks. Meanwhile, the University of Évora is one of the most beautiful universities in Europe and, luckily, it’s located in the warm and sunny south.

So what’s stopping you? Sign up to the Erasmus exchange programme in Portugal today!

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