Cheapest electricity in Portugal: who offers the lowest price?

Is the price of electricity getting higher in Portugal? We have found the cheapest tariffs on the market and have all the details.

Portugal electricity prices
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8 June 2021, Redaction

It's time to find out where to find the cheapest electricity in Portugal. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to spend more time at home due to teleworking and lockdown restrictions, households are seeing higher energy consumption, causing the price of electricity bills to rise from month to month. Let's have a look at the cheapest electricity in Portugal and see who offers the lowest price.

To find the cheapest electricity in Portugal, we used the ERSE (Energy Services Regulatory Authority) simulator (excluding offers with conditions such as the mandatory hiring of additional services) and concluded that, currently, the cheapest electricity offer in Portugal is from Iberdrola.

Below, you can find the cheapest electricity prices on the market in Portugal for a couple without children who consume around 1900 kWh/year. The contracted power is 3.45 kVA:

Electricity companyCheapest tariff nameMonthly rate
IberdrolaCasa*33,29 €
Goldenergy+ Cliente Monoelétrico*35,15 €
EDPEletricidade Campanha Digital*35,21 €
EndesaTarifa Simples35,27 €
ENATTarifa Sol35,62 €
*Supposes adherence to Electronic Invoices and Direct Debit.

Moving on to a 4-member household, for a couple with 2 children with an estimated consumption of 5000 kWh/year and a contracted power of 6.9 kVA, Iberdrola remains the leader:

Electricity companyCheapest tariff nameMonthly rate
IberdrolaCasa*85,12 €
EDPEletricidade Campanha Digital*86,92 €
EndesaTarifa e-luz & gás*86,98 €
Goldenergy+ Cliente Monoelétrico*86,99 €
ENATTarifa Sol88,53 €
*Supposes adherence to Electronic Invoices and Direct Debit.

Currently, the cheapest electricity tariff in Portugal is Casa, by Iberdrola. However, when comparing the electricity prices, there is also very close competition between the prices offered by EDP, Endesa and Goldenergy in Portugal.

Changing your electricity provider in Portugal

With the liberalisation of the Portuguese energy market, changing electricity company or tariff has become simple. Currently, electricity contracts do not require any commitment period, which means that changing supplier can be done at any time.

This way, to contract the cheapest energy company in Portugal, you just need to take out a new contract with the company. The cancellation of the current contract is done, automatically between the old and the new supplier.

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