IRS income tax rebates are already being processed by the Portuguese tax authorities

The process for filing income tax returns in Portugal started at the start of April, but this year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the government has not committed itself to rapid reimbursements.

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4 May 2020, Redaction

The tax authorities have begun processing the first IRS income tax returns in Portugal despite no promises from the government, with taxpayers already receiving their refunds. The 2019 tax return campaign began on 1st April and ends on 31st June 2020. 

An official source in the Finance Minister's office confirmed this information in the Portuguese newspaper, Público, guaranteeing that "the IRS 2020 campaign has now entered the phase of processing refunds to taxpayers. Those who have already filed their 2019 tax returns can check the status of the declaration on the Portal das Finanças website, and will find two possible scenarios: the settlement may be in process or the refund will have already been processed.

It should also be remembered that in 2019 payouts for the 2018 tax year began to be processed within 10 days after the campaign starting, but this year, and because of the current context caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the government had already stated that it was not committed to rapid reimbursements, i.e. in less than 15 days. Last year, for example, the tax authorities returned more than three billion euros in IRS income tax rebates to taxpayers, of which 1.26 billion was paid out during the month of April.

So far, according to the Portuguese tax agency Portal das Finanças, almost 2.2 million taxpayers have filed their annual income tax returns. The perirod for submission ends on 30th June, with the tax authorities having to make settlements by 31st July and pay all reimbursements by 31st August 2020.

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