Pay your IMI tax in Portugal in one lump sum in May

22 April 2019, Redaction

This year there are new deadlines for paying the Portuguese Municipal Property Tax (Imposto Municipal sobre os Imóveis or IMI) bill. For the first time, homeowners will be able to pay the tax all at once in one lump sum in May, even if the value of the first instalment is more than 100 euro. Up until now, it was mandatory to pay in instalments if the amount was over 100 euro.

The main differences that have been made to the tax are that the amount of the first instalment has been reduced from 250 to 100 euro and the date of payment went from April to May. In practice, taxpayers in Portugal now have the possibility to pay IMI in one lump sum instead of having to make two or three payments.

This month you will receive a reminder in the post to your Portuguese home that it is time to pay your taxes. This letter will provide you with the information about when the payment of the first instalment is due and the total amount owed, with the deadline being 31st May.

Anyone who wishes to continue paying in instalments can do so. These are the payment deadlines:

  • Between 100 and 500 euro: payment in two instalments, in May and November;
  • Amounts over 500 euro: payment in three instalments, in May, August and November.
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