Coronavirus: restrictions to be relaxed in Lisbon and the rest of Portugal on 15th June

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12 June 2020, Redaction

15th June 2020 sees a series of changes in the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Portugal just in time for the summer season. At the beginning of June, Portugal already allowed cinemas, shopping centres, gyms and nursery schools to open, but the capital Lisbon didn’t see all those restrictions lifted because some hot spots of the new coronavirus had been emerging there. This, however, is about to change.

Relaxed restrictions in Lisbon

As of Monday 15th June, shopping centres is Lisbon are allowed to reopen, according to a recent interview with Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa, after a meeting of the Executive: "We have decided to eliminate the restrictions that still exist differentiating Lisbon from the rest of the country, namely to allow the opening of shopping centres in accordance with the hygiene rules defined by the Directorate General of Health".

About two weeks ago, as part of the third phase of the de-confinement plan, the Government decided to postpone the lifting of some restrictions in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, due to the number of outbreaks of COVID-19 in the region, imposing special rules mainly related to activities with "large crowds of people".

What changes from 15th June in the rest of Portugal?

At national level, from 15th June 2020, water parks, language schools and tutoring centres will be able to open again, the Government also announced.

Let’s have a look at a quick summary of all the restrictions and those that have been lifted across the entire country from 15th June 2020:

  • Groups of up to 20 people will be allowed
  • Establishments with an area of more than 400 square metres (m2) are no longer required to suspend their activity
  • Shopping centres may open in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area
  • Water parks, language schools and tutoring centres at national level may reopen
  • Another regulation that has been extended to the whole territory is that private vehicles with a capacity of more than five seats should be restricted to two thirds of the occupants unless all occupants are from the same household.
  • Establishments that have resumed or resume their activity may not open before 10am, except for gyms which can open before this time
  • Activities and spaces that remain closed may open when they have specific guidance from the General Health Directorate regarding their operation.
  • Borders with Spain will reopen

Additional regulations

As part of relaxing restrictions in Portugal, remember that there are some rules that remain:

  • Mandatory confinement for sick people and those under active coronavirus observation
  • The obligatory use of face masks on public transport, in shops, public services and schools (except children in nursey schools and day care centres), as well as in other public spaces where the safety distance cannot be maintained.
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