Clean & Safe: the confidence boosting safety seal for holidays in Portugal this summer

The Clean & Safe programme by Turismo de Portugal consists of a seal for businesses in the tourism sector to show compliance to a series of hygiene regulations due to COVID-19.

Turismo de Portugal
24 June 2020, Emma Donaldson

Staying in tourist accommodation or simply going to a restaurant: such activities previously required no second thought but suddenly became impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Portugal and across much of Europe. Now, in a step-by-step return to normality, the tourism industry needs to re-establish links of trust with its consumers, both within Portugal and with tourists coming from abroad this summer 2020. With this in mind, Turismo de Portugal, the Portuguese tourist board has created a "Clean & Safe" programme, consisting of training for businesses and a seal which can be displayed to distinguish tourist activities that ensure compliance with hygiene and cleaning requirements for prevention and control of the coronavirus.

Which businesses are included?

The programme includes a wide range of businesses and services within the tourism sector, such as tourist accommodation (including “Alojamento Local" local tourist lets), restaurants and bars, golf courses, car rentals, motorhome services and tour guides, amongst others.

How does the programme work?

This measure implemented by Turismo de Portugal in conjunction with the Directorate-General for Economic Activities and the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) has two main aims. The measure is one introduced to boost the economy and encourage tourism, in order to give holidaymakers peace of mind when travelling. The campaign sends out a message that Portugal is a safe destination this summer, while also intending to inform companies of the hygiene requirements and cleaning measures to ensure the safety of their establishments.

Valid for one year, applying for the seal is optional and free, however, there will be random checks to ensure compliance and that high standards of sanitisation are being implemented.

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