Everything you need to know about taking pets on holiday with you to Portugal

Jamie Street on Unsplash
Jamie Street on Unsplash
1 September 2020, Redaction

Travelling with pets in Portugal: is it better to take them with you if you have found tourist accommodation that accepts four-legged friends, or leave them in specialised care while you're on holidays? These are common doubts for those planning to travel in Portugal, but we are here to help. With the help of DECO, the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection, let's have a look at the subject of going on holiday with pets in Portugal, namely the small rules that must be followed both inside and outside the house with pets.

  • I'm going on holiday in the middle of this month and I have a problem. I have two dogs and I have no one to leave them with. Can I take them with me to the place where I'm going to spend my holidays? Are there rules for that?

This is common question asked by many consumers in Portugal and there are already many places in the market where pets can stay and beaches they can enjoy, as most families don't want to go on holiday without their four-legged companions.

Knowing that you want to spend your holidays with your dogs, you can easily find tourist accommodation that accept pets. There are more and more options available, given the growing demand, but often the subject is complicated and there is a long list of rules to be obeyed. 

Therefore, for good integration and interaction between animals, owners and the rest of the neighbourhood, it is important that you know these simple rules that must be followed when on holiday with your pet in Portugal:

  • Maintain the health care and hygiene of your pet before and during your trip;
  • Continue to provide your furry friend with activities such as walking so that they are not under any stress;
  • In a condominium, avoid at all costs a situation where the animal does its business in common areas (stairs, entrances, gardens, etc.) and, if this happens, ensure immediate cleaning of the space;
  • Respect the rules and/or regulations of the accommodation where you are on holiday, specific rules may have been approved, rules that may even be different from the law in force;
  • Take all the documents you own that are related to your pets, including vaccination certificates;

Pet owners should also remember that in common areas of the building, dogs should not circulate without a lead and collar, which should have the name and address or phone number of the owner.

In addition to these tips, do not forget what the current legislation dictates: each apartment may only have up to three dogs or four adult cats, not exceeding, in total, four animals. If you are travelling to Portugal from abroad, then you need to also keep in mind that there will be specific entry requirements.

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