Braga and the Algarve among the top 20 places for Americans to live in Europe

This is according to a recent Forbes ranking which was drawn up on the basis of various criteria, including the presence of international schools, quality of life, healthcare and internet access, among others.

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12 November 2020, Redaction

The city of Braga and the Algarve region of Portugal are among the most welcoming and attractive places in Europe for new projects and investments. Forbes, from a first selection of 120 destinations, has created a list of the best 20 for Americans to live in, invest in, or even enjoy retirement if they decide to cross the ocean to the Old Continent.

According to the American magazine, Braga is "on the podium of European cities with the best quality of life". Braga, it should be recalled, is said to be Portugal's happiest city, and features in the European top 10 alongside Zurich, Gdańsk, and Oslo. Around 97% of residents state they are very happy with life, according to the latest European Commission study, 'Report on Quality of Life in European Cities 2020', while Braga has also been named among the top 5 small cities in the world to retire in.

"For many years, Braga has hosted startups and international events. Famous for its history and gastronomy, this 'Portuguese Rome' attracts not only entrepreneurs and families (for its quality of life, green spaces and international schools), but also those who want to invest in tourism. The city has one of the highest growth rates in Europe in the sector", Forbes also points out, referring to the important presence of international companies such as Philips, Bosch and Continental.

The Algarve region in Southern Portugal is also highlighted by the publication as a great place for Americans to live. According to the magazine, "with its enviable quality of life, the region attracts not only English, French, German and Italian retirees, but also young workers and nomadic workers who surf online during the day before surfing the waves. With just under 500,000 inhabitants, the Algarve region in Portugal has one of the lowest population densities in Europe", while also being home to charming fishing villages, as well as "some of the most beautiful beaches and more than 330 days of sunshine per year".

The ranking, drawn up on the basis of various criteria including the presence of international schools, quality of life, healthcare, Internet access, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living and active community, also includes cities such as Madrid (Spain), Brighton (United Kingdom), Hamburg (Germany), Athens (Greece), Brest-Terres Océanes, Brittany (France) and Brussels (Belgium). Click here to see the full top 20 best places for Americans to live in Europe

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