World Tourism Awards: The Algarve is voted Europe's best beach destination

Photo by Mélanie Martin on Unsplash
Photo by Mélanie Martin on Unsplash
19 November 2020, Emma Donaldson

Portugal's Algarve region is a popular destination for expats and tourists from all over the world, and Portugal's southernmost region has once again scooped the award for the "Best Beach Destination in Europe" at the World Tourism Awards 2020 for the seventh time. Despite 2020 being a challenging year for tourism throughout Portugal and the world, the country on the Iberian Peninsula also saw various businesses in the tourism sector dominate the awards at European level.

The "Oscars" of the travel industry 

The World Tourism Awards are often referred to as the "Oscars" of the travel and tourism industry, and the head of the tourist board in the Algarve has stated that this year's award is of particular importance given the current health crisis. João Fernandes, the president of Turismo do Algarve, commented to Portugal News that, "in a year as troubled as 2020, receiving this award and continuing to earn the trust of travellers from all over the world is a sign of confidence in the future". Fernandes also pointed out that this award doesn't only recognise the quality of the beaches in the Algarve, many of which hold blue flag status, but also the fact that the Algarve is a safe destination for tourists and for those who are planning to travel to Portugal in the near future. 

What makes the Algarve such a special destination?

The Algarve is popular with for a multitude of reasons apart from the picturesque beaches, including the weather, charming fishing villages, first class seafood and a relaxed pace of life. All of these reasons make Portugal an obvious choice for those looking for a relaxed holiday destination, or even somewhere to live, particularly for those looking to retire in Portugal. As well as pensioners, there are growing numbers now moving to Portugal to work (due to the rise in teleworking), start a business and raise a family. On top of this, Portugal is consistently considered to be one of the safest countries in the world

Moving to the Algarve

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