The Lisbon of the future in pictures

Rua D. Luís I street, the Portuguese Venice / CML/SG/DMC
Rua D. Luís I street, the Portuguese Venice / CML/SG/DMC
22 August 2018, Redaction

Can you imagine what Lisbon will be like in a few years' time? How will the city evolve and what will it become? The "Futures of Lisbon" exhibition has a simple and singular purpose: to sow doubt, to raise questions and to encourage reflection about what’s in store for the Portuguese capital. Believe it or not, there are those who have thought about this subject deeply and the result is these computer-generated images below.

The project, known in Portuguese as "Futuros de Lisboa", wants everyone to think about what is to come and what will happen to the city, even while it revisits the past. The exhibition opened on Thursday 12th July at the Torreão Poente West Tower in the Praça de Comercio square, part of the Museum of Lisbon, a place where certainties give way to the unknown and where creativity is the watchword.

Will Lisbon be inhabited by aliens in years to come? Will the city be flooded by the Atlantic, condemned to be the new Iberian Venice? Through images, videos, photographs, documents, technological objects and works of art, the exhibition presents concrete and sometimes shocking scenarios for the future, distributed over 10 rooms in the museum.

One room is entirely dedicated to the public and their own contributions and ideas, after the Museum of Lisbon challenged citizens to submit proposals for stories, images, videos or phrases to answer the question: "How do you imagine the future of Lisbon?”.

The exhibition will run until 18th November, from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays), from 10 am to 6 pm (last entrance at 5.30 pm).

Here are some of the prophecies for the capital:

Downtown and skyscrapers / CML/SG/DMC
Rossio square, completely inundated / CML/SG/DMC
A hypothetical scenario in Chelas / CML/SG/DMC
Saldanha in the future? / CML/SG/DMC
Camões square / CML/SG/DMC


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