Portugal amongst the top 20 best countries to live in

Vitor Pinto / Unsplash
Vitor Pinto / Unsplash
14 November 2019, Redaction

Portugal ranks 18th in the Social Progress Index 2019, having risen six places compared to last year's ranking. It is ahead of countries such as the USA, Belgium and Austria and stands out in the categories Personal Rights (2nd position) and Inclusion (10th position). Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, in that order are the best countries to live in according to this study.

The Social Progress Index 2019 is a ranking prepared by the US non-profit organisation Social Progress Imperative and is supported by Deloitte. It evaluated the social performance of 149 countries over six years (2014-2019), analysing 51 indicators, including Nutrition, Housing, Safety, Education, Healthcare, Human Rights and Inclusion.

"At a global level, there has been a general improvement in social progress in the world, despite the decline seen since 2014 in the Personal Rights indicator, which includes, for example, freedom of expression, religion or access to justice," said Deloitte in a statement.

Portugal has shown a high global performance in the categories Personal Rights (2nd place) and Inclusion (10th place). The lowest performance was recorded in the areas of Access to Higher Education and Basic Medical Care (24th place) and Access to Basic Knowledge (30th place).

The ranking is dominated by Nordic countries, with the USA - occupying the 26th spot, behind Estonia and ahead of Cyprus - being one of the four countries analysed where there has been a regression in social progress since 2014, along with Brazil, Nicaragua and South Sudan.

In the group of 15 countries with a similar GDP, Portugal ranks 3rd, standing out for its high performance in the Personal Rights and Inclusion categories, where, for example, the degree of discrimination against minorities and gender equality in political power are analysed.

"Over the last six years, Portugal has shown a positive trend with a performance that was better than expected according to the national GDP", said Carlos Cruz, a partner at Deloitte, quoted in the document.

"The study that has been developed by Social Progress Imperative, with which Deloitte has been associated at a global level and has played a relevant role in mapping social trends at global, national and regional levels, providing important data for the design of socio-economic development strategies by governments, companies or institutions. The joint work of all is important so that the figures of the next edition of the Social Progress Index can be improved, both globally and nationally", he added.

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