The extraordinary architecture of Mário Martins

Mário Martins is the designer of this incredible house in the Algarve / Casa Carrara
Mário Martins is the designer of this incredible house in the Algarve / Casa Carrara
25 July 2018, LUXIMO'S Christie's

The Casa Carrara house, in Praia da Luz, Lagos, designed by the renowned architect Mário Martins, is on sale at LUXIMO’S Christie’s International Real Estate and has attracted the attention of Portuguese and foreign investors. The reason is simple: Casa Carrara is one of the finalists for the 2018 Architizer Architecture Award. Mário Martins is the only Portuguese professional nominated in the category of Private Housing for this award that recognises the best of the world's architecture.

Mário Martins describes the house as a seashell, a refuge where we can find protection from the outside world and an intimate place to live. At Casa Carrara we feel just that. The talent and excellence of architecture do not overlap with comfort and well-being.

Mário Martins has a multidisciplinary, passionate and dedicated team with whom he works closely. It is a family, as he describes it, in an interview with Christie’s International Real Estate, in which he spoke about the creative process, the conception of the house and the search for simplicity.

The residential architecture of Mário Martins is the result of an interpretative work with his clients, from the understanding of their wishes, needs and different lifestyles, to the relationship with the specific characteristics of the premises where the houses will be built.

Mário Martins works closely with his clients to create unique homes inspired by their surroundings – the dramatic and picturesque Algarve region of Portugal.

Ricardo Costa, CEO of LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate, reveals the interest that this house has aroused in potential clients. "The name of Mário Martins and his extraordinary houses in the Algarve are internationally recognised and have captured the attention of the market,” he says. "For example, Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine, produced in the USA and distributed internationally together with a qualified group of readers who are buyers of luxury goods, published an interview with the architect this year." Ricardo Costa also points out that "the Casa Carrara is an opportunity to buy a unique architectural jewel in a privileged location, the Reserva da Luz, in Lagos".

Voting for the 2018 Architizer Awards will be open until 20th July. Casa Carrara is on sale at LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate and can be yours for 3,600,000 euro.

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