There are two villages for sale that are ideal for ecotourism: Arouca and Silves

The villafe of Funcho de Diante, Silves, Algarve/ LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate
The village of Funcho de Diante, Silves, Algarve/ LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate
17 October 2019, LUXIMO'S Christie's

One has 11 houses under restoration and is advertised for 900,000 euros, while the other takes up 10 hectares and is on the market for 1.8 million euros.

At a time when climate change is high on the planet's agenda, in Portugal there are now proposals for green and sustainable investment. For example, two villages that are for sale: the village of Emprôa and Covelo de Paivó, in Aroura, in the north, and the village of Funcho de Diante, in Silves, in the Algarve.

"These villages have attracted the interest of foreign investors seeking to develop projects in the field of ecotourism, focusing on nature conservation, restoration of biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage," says Ricardo Costa, CEO of LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate, which markets the assets in question.

"The sector that seeks to explore nature, with routes of visits and contemplation immersed in magnificent landscapes and pure air, has been growing in our country," adds the leader.

Enchanted village next to the footbridges of Paiva

It is called the enchanted town and is close to the Frecha da Mizarela waterfall, the highest in mainland Portugal, the beautiful footbridges Serra da Freita and Paiva, often distinguished by the World Travel Awards, and the well-known Arouca Geopark, distinguished by UNESCO as a Geological Heritage of Humanity.

We are talking about Emprôa and Covelo de Paivó, located 15 minutes from Arouca and less than an hour from Oporto. The town, which is actually the union of two towns, Emprôa and Covelo de Paivó, where 14 families lived, now has eleven houses under restoration in an area of almost 854 square meters. On the LUXIMO'S website, the sale value is 900,000 euros.

According to Ricardo Costa, these two villages are sold together and are now part of the same company, owned by a local investor. At this moment, part of the houses are already in the reconstruction stage.

LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate
LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate

A place which transmits peace and magic

The head of LUXIMO'S points out a number of reasons which in his opinion make this a unique project, such as unique characteristics for nature tourism. "Everything in this town transmits peace and magic, and perhaps that is why such a rare phenomenon lives there: the rocks, that is to say, stones that seem to give other stones, making this landscape one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world".

It also highlights the incredible history of peace in this area. Even today, the traces of tungsten mining are visible, the so-called black gold, used to produce war material during the two world wars.

This was a place that had the peculiarity of having mines explored at the same time by Germans and English. They were in conflict in Europe, but lived peacefully in Arouca, in northern Portugal, a situation described in several works of Portuguese literature.

A village in the south of Portugal on sale for 1.8 million euros 

Another town for sale is in the south of the country in Silves, Algarve, is the village of Funcho de Diante. Abandoned in 1974 after the construction of the Funcho dam, the village of Funcho de Diante occupies around 10 hectares and is for sale for 1.8 million euros, according to the LUXIMO'S website. With a land area of 93,839 m2, allows a construction area of 768 m2.

LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate
LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate

Located in the middle of the Iberian Lynx route and offers a dazzling landscape. "Everything in this place is attractive: the magnificent natural landscape that invites relaxed walks along the banks of the river Arade, traditional houses overlooking the river, mountain walks, diving and sports or leisure activities in the river and not least, tranquility and cuisine here," says LUXIMO'S.

Ricardo Costa says that "the natural conditions make this village an extraordinary perfect environment to develop a sustainable tourism project in rural areas or a project related to health".

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