What do I need to work in Portugal?

What do I need to work in Portugal?
What do I need to work in Portugal? / Gtres
5 September 2018, Redaction

Moving to sunny Portugal sounds like an amazing idea. However, it isn’t all beach and fun. There are a few administrative things to deal with before you can fully start your new Portuguese life. One of the most important things to do before moving is to check what requirements you need for working in the country.

As a citizen of the EU

Citizens from the European Union don’t need a Portuguese visa or work permit. You will need to obtain a Residence Certificate (Certificado de Registo) if you plan to work in the country more than 3 months. You must apply for this at your local town hall (Câmara Municipal) and provide a valid identity document, a declaration on oath that you are employed in Portugal or a declaration on oath that you have sufficient financial resources to support you and your family and a health insurance policy, if your country has the same requirements for Portuguese citizens.

As a non-EU citizen

Citizens of countries outside of the EU will need a Portuguese work permit before they can work in Portugal. In most cases a Portuguese work permit is only granted to workers outside of the EU if they’ve been offered a secure job or they are married to a Portuguese citizen. Once you’ve found a job, your employer will apply for a Portuguese work permit (Autorização de Trabalho) from the Portuguese Labour Authorities, if the contract is longer than 3 months.

Once you have a job contract and your permit is approved, you need to apply for the following:

  • a Portuguese work visa, if your nationality requires a visa to enter Portugal or if your employment is less than 6 months.
  • a Residence permit if you plan to stay and work in Portugal long term. The type of residence permit you’ll need depends on your employment.
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