Working from home in Portugal: IKEA's home office ideas for any lifestyle

Inspiring and easy ideas for personalising your home office, no matter what your house is like.

Home office ideas in Portugal
27 January 2021, Redaction

Teleworking, smart working, working from home, or whatever you wish to call it is a trend that is here to stay thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, not only in Portugal but across the world. However, in many cases our homes are unprepared for this change, with lack of space, no suitable place for an office and other issues preventing people from working well at home. For this reason, IKEA is here to help with a range of decoration tips and ideas for home offices for any lifestyle, showing that nothing is impossible, and that you can create a space to work in any kind of home, even in shared houses or flats.

Make use of wall space

IKEA wall design

In many cases, people choose (or are left with little other option) to use the living room as a home office, but there is not always much space available. To make the most of working in a living room, IKEA suggests moving the sofa away from the wall and, in the space that you gain, you can create a workplace (but also an area that could be used at the weekend for games and hobbies). A table with wheels ensures greater flexibility and everything you need to work is at hand thanks to the shelves and furniture so that you can make the best use of wall space.

The wardrobe office

IKEA wardrobe office

A home office can also be created within a wardrobe. A dynamic seat allows you to change positions frequently while working and improving your posture. With the right accessories, you can create a super functional area, even in a small space, making a great solution for those who live in a shared flat and have to work in a bedroom. When you're done working, you can simply just close the doors and relax.

Wall-mounted tables

Floating desk

Using a shallow, legless shelf, such as this shelf with drawers, or a specific wall mounted desk which could even fold away, you can create a workstation in small corners, something that will be possible in most rooms. Complete with a chair and some shelves, you will have everything you need to hand.

Consider a kitchen office

Kitchen office

Working in the kitchen does not necessarily mean you have to be a chef. Even in this area of the house, you can also create a workspace. All it takes is a raised table, which, among other things, allows you to alternate your working position by standing a little, or sitting. And when it's time to prepare dinner, just tidy up your material in a small trolley or stand and leave room for the real chef.

Optimise and rethink spaces

Work under the stairs

Spaces under the stairs, normally unused, can be transformed into a personal space dedicated to work or study, for example. If decorated in style, they can create an interesting focal point in the environment, and by no means look out of place.


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