IKEA joins forces with Contigo Energía to start selling solar panels in Portugal

IKEA has entered into a partnership with the Spanish energy company to provide customers with a simple renewable energy solution, due to launch in spring 2021.

IKEA solar panels in Portugal
Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash
28 January 2021, Redaction

IKEA has announced that it will start selling solar panels in Portugal, in partnership with the Spanish company Contigo Energía, which will market and distribute the products. The Nordic company's newest product, "SOLSTRÅLE" will give "all Portuguese people the possibility to produce their own energy at home", responsible for a "large percentage of the carbon footprint and family budget". IKEA has stated that this service should arrive in the Portugal this spring 2021.  

IKEA stated in a recent statement that "SOLSTRÅLE, our new solar panel product arrives in Portugal this spring, through a partnership with Contigo Energía. IKEA has joined the Spanish energy company that will provide a turnkey and worry-free, domestic solar energy solution".

This solution will enable all customers in Portugal to turn their roofs into power plants, helping to save up to 50% on their electricity bills by installing solar panels. The system will include everything from simulation and cost estimation, as well as a technical visit, which can be physical or virtual, for purchase and installation, with no additional cost for guarantees and subscriptions.

"We are pleased to announce that our range of solar panels is ready to be launched in Portugal this spring. This new solution has been designed as a service that combines our vision of home life and our ambition to have a positive impact on the planet, with the technical expertise and solutions of specialised energy partners. Together with our partner Contigo Energía, and hopefully together with many residents in Portugal, we have an incredible opportunity to accelerate the necessary transition to renewable energy in Portugal. In addition to our own operations, we want to inspire and help millions of people to contribute to the fight against climate change, starting from their own rooftops," says Ana Barbosa, Sustainability Officer at Ikea Portugal.

This new photovoltaic panel offer from Contigo Energía, promoted by IKEA," will stand out for its simplicity and strong combination of worry-free benefits and, above all, savings on household electricity bills". The IKEA and Contigo Energía partnership emphasise that the higher your electrical expenditure, the greater the savings you'll make with with solar energy, "with a possible return on investment of between 5 and 10 years, depending on the size of the systems installed".

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