Ikea to lower prices of 220 products and start selling solar panels in Portugal

Sustainability will be the focus of the Swedish chain for 2021 in Portugal.

Michaela Quinlan, the commercial director of Ikea Portugal / Ikea
Michaela Quinlan, the commercial director of Ikea Portugal / Ikea
31 August 2020, Redaction

More sustainable, more accessible and closer: this will be the focus of Ikea Portugal in 2021. The Swedish chain will continue its price reduction strategy initiated last year in Portugal and will invest 3.3 million euros to lower the value of 220 pieces of furniture, decoration items and storage solutions, amongst many others, as of 1st September 2020. Of the total number of products that will be targeted by this price reduction, 43% are more sustainable solutions.

"In an especially difficult year for everyone, Ikea wants to keep its focus on contributing so that we can have access to beautiful, sustainable and quality solutions in our homes", explains Michaela Quinlan, commercial director of Ikea Portugal, in a statement sent to the newsrooms. "Along these lines", she says, "the brand will continue its price reduction strategy and now, reducing the prices of 220 items from all areas of the house, with special attention to the most sustainable products. We will continue to work to offer increasingly more accessible solutions and in turn, enable a better life at home", she adds.

2021 will also be the year of sustainability in Portugal and beyond for Ikea. With several environmental targets set, the brand says it is focused on finding new ways to change the production process of products with the use of renewable or recycled materials, to give a second life to many of the products in the ranges and to "invest more and more to create easy and affordable solutions to inspire and help people to live a more sustainable life".

Next year the Ikea "Home Sola" service will also be launched in Portugal, according to ECO, the online Economic news agency in Portugal. The brand in Portugal is preparing for the sale and installation of photovoltaic panels for domestic use, a business unit that the Swedish chain already has in nine markets worldwide. Ana Barbosa, who is responsible for sustainability at Ikea, told the publication that the goal is to implement this solution in all 30 Ikea markets by 2025.

"Get into the most sustainable rhythm", the motto of the new campaign

At the end of August 2020, Ikea Portugal also launched its the new brand campaign focused on sustainability. The campaign has the slogan "Entre no ritmo mais sustentável" (get into the most sustainable rhythm) and the goal, says marketing director, Helena Gouveia, quoted in a statement, is "to convey to the Portuguese that with small changes, at their own pace, they can have a better life at home," and that the idea of making behaviour changes for a more sustainable life need not be complex, expensive and time-consuming.

This new campaign will be activated on television and digital channels and is the first creative campaign by VIRTUE - the agency selected for Ikea's new "glocal" strategy of positioning the Ikea brand - designed in conjunction with six of the brand's markets: Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Belgium. In times of pandemic, says Ikea, the film was produced and directed remotely from Los Angeles by director Tim Erem.

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