Travelling with pets to Portugal: everything you need to know

If you're planning on taking your pet on holiday in Portugal, you will need to follow certain rules and regulations, all found in this guide.

Travelling to Portugal with pets
26 July 2021, Redaction

With the summer holidays well and truly here, travelling abroad with pets can be a cause for concern for many. Is Portugal a dog friendly country? Do apartments in Portugal allow pets? And are dogs allowed on beaches in Portugal? We aim to answer these questions and many more in this guide to travelling with pets to Portugal this summer. We have all the information you need to go on holiday with your pets: from tips on pet-friendly accommodation, basic rules to follow and even the beaches you can go to.

Pet-friendly holiday accommodation in Portugal

From north to south, there are an increasing number of pet-friendly hotels and other types of pet-friendly properties to stay in Portugal, and one great option to consider is rural tourism where pets are more likely to be welcome. Here are some suggestions for rural tourism destinations with pet friendly accommodation, where both you and your pets will be very welcome this summer. 

Holidays with pets in Portugal
  • Monte da Barragem: With a privileged view over the Montargil dam, this rural property allows you to give total freedom to your dog, who can run through the fields and dive into the dam without you having to worry about anything.
  • Casa dos Esteios: Built in granite, this pet friendly property is a typical farmhouse located in Termas de São Vicente, Tâmega e Sousa. It has a garden with swimming pool, children's playground and a small golf course; paradise for the whole family, animals included.
  • Casa Cerejeira: In Vila Nova de Famalicão this pet friendly holiday rental is a  rural cottage with an outside space where you can enjoy the swimming pool or have a nice barbecue. The fact that the exterior area is also a key point for pet owners as animals can run around freely and safely.
  • Monte Azul: A typical Alentejo paradise, located in Odemira, allows the guests to enjoy a wide lawn and an outdoor salt water swimming pool. Here you can also enjoy a well deserved holiday with your pets.

For more pet-friendly holiday rentals in Portugal, check out Rentalia, where you'll be able to find a wide range of accommodation where your pets are welcome across Portugal. 

Tips for travelling with pets to Portugal

Travelling with pets can be a real challenge both during the journey, whether it's by car, plane or train, and when it comes to the rules you will have to follow at your destination. Below we're having a look at some of the doubts and issues that often arise when deciding whether or not to go on holiday with animals in Portugal.

Taking pets in the car

Can I fly with my dog to Portugal? Firstly, if you plan to fly to Portugal with your pet, take note that most airlines only allow dogs and cats to be carried in the cabin. The size and weight of the animal with determine if it can accompany you on the flight or whether it will have to go in the hold. Check with your airline before flying for the full list of requirements for taking your pet on a plane. 

Precautions must also be taken on the journey to Portugal with your pet if you are going by car. In summer, the high temperatures are dangerous and uncomfortable for pets. With this in mind, here are some tips on how to make your journey more pleasant and safer:

  • Seat belt, carrier box or partition grid: These are the three ways to travel safely with animals in Portugal. The legislation on pets (Decree-Law No.315/2003) mentions that "the animal must not impair driving", meaning that you cannot travel with pets loose in the car.
  • Documentation: No documents are required to travel with pets in Portugal, however, they may be required in hotels or accommodation, so it is recommended that you carry your pet's vaccination booklet and check with the vet if the chip is working properly.
  • Stopping every hour: It is recommended that you make regular stops, especially if the journey is a long one, so that your pet can go to the toilet, eat and drink water.
  • Bring toys: Having some toys at your pet's disposal during the journey is a way to reassure them and make them feel at home.
  • Control the environment: Inside the car you should try to maintain a calm environment so that your pet feels comfortable. This means not only controlling the temperature, but also paying attention to the volume of the music.

Beaches that accept pets in Portugal

Taking advantage of summer holidays to take a refreshing dip on the beach is a must in Portugal. Check out our selection of the best dog-friendly beaches in Portugal, located across the country, and remember that there are rules you have to follow if you want to enjoy bathing with your pets in Portugal this summer.

Pet-friendly beaches in Portugal

If your ideal destination isn't close to these beaches, you should also check out Portugal's free app, Goorie, that helps you find the best options when it comes to walks and services for your dog near you in Portugal.

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