The best pet-friendly hotels in Portugal

If you're travelling with your pet this summer, check out these hotels and resorts where animals are allowed.

Pet-friendly hotels Portugal
Pet-friendly hotels Portugal
14 July 2021, Redaction

The summer holidays are here, and if you're planning on holidaying in Portugal this summer and want to bring your pet, keep reading. Today we're looking at some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Portugal in the Algarve and beyond. 

Many people face this problem every year, the problem of going on holiday and not knowing what to do with their pet. Some will opt to send their pets to a specialised centre while they go on holiday, but on the other hand, many want to take their pets on holiday too. In this case, not all hotels in Portugal allow pets. However, taking your pet on holiday in Portugal is becoming more and more popular, and an increasing number of hotels and other types of tourist accommodation will be more than happy to welcome you and your furry friends. 

Here are 5 of the best pet-friendly hotels in Portugal for 2021. This selection is based on the list drawn up by NIT (New in Town) which brought together several animal friendly spaces around the Portugal, with the help of travel agency Rickytravel. And during your stay, don't forget to check out some of Portugal's dog-friendly beaches

Hilton Vilamoura

Pestana Troia

Salema Beach Village da NAU Hotels & Resorts

Bom Sucesso Resort

Vilamoura Garden Hotel
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