These are the 10 European cities with the best quality of life

Lisbon and Porto didn't make it into the Top 10 / Wikimedia/Pixabay/Flickr
2 September 2019, Redaction

Are you looking for a better quality of life? What about a new city in Europe to live in? Well, you can start packing now. Numbeo, the world's largest collaborative database of cities and countries, has just published the Quality of Life Index 2019, which brings together the list of the best cities to live in across five continents. In Europe, the Top 3 spots are occupied by Zurich (Switzerland), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Copenhagen (Denmark), respectively.

There are a total of 75 cities on the list, two of them Portuguese. Porto appears in the 36th position of the table, followed very closely by the city of Lisbon, which comes in 39th place. The Portuguese are ahead of cities such as Dublin (Ireland), Barcelona (Spain), London (United Kingdom), Paris (France) and Rome (Italy).

The 5 cities with the best quality of life in the world

The Top 5 cities in the world with the best quality of life are Canberra (Australia) in first place, followed by Raleigh (USA), Adelaide (Australia), Madison (USA) and Wellington (New Zealand). Zurich, which is the best city in Europe, ranks sixth in the world.

Porto and Lisbon also just pipped their way into the top 100 places: Invicta is in 93rd place and the capital in 99th.

1. Zurich (Switzerland)

Zurich: 204.86 points / Wikimedia commons

2. Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Eindhoven: 202.01 points / Pixabay

3. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen: 191.44 points / Flickr/Creative commons

4. Reykjavik (Iceland)

Reykjavik: 191.18 points / Needpix

5. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Luxembourg: 189.67 points / Wikimedia commons

6. Edinburgh (Scotland)

Edinburgh: 189.29 points / Pixabay

7. Vienna (Austria)

Vienna: 188.45 points / Pixabay

8. Munich (Germany)

Munich: 187.42 points / Pixabay

9. Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki: 186.59 points / Needpix

10. Gothenburg (Sweden)

Gothenburg: 183.29 points / Pixabay

36. Porto (Portugal)

Porto: 154.22 points / Wikipedia

39. Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon: 151.61 points / Pexels
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