20 simple ways to keep your house safe in Portugal

Prevention is key, and adopting these simple measures will help avoid greater risks and it is easier than it sounds.

Tips to keep your property safe / Sasikan Ulevik on Unsplash
16 March 2020,

Keeping your house safe and secure is important and may be easier than it looks. With simple everyday actions, it is possible to prevent unexpected situations at home, such as fires or floods. Prevention is key, as we give you some advice to take into account when adopting these small measures that help to avoid major risks.

With the help of Zurich Portugal, which is part of the Swiss Zurich group and has been in the country since 1918, we bring you 20 tips and recommendations that will help you to have a safer home. Let's have a look:

  1. When you notice a leak in a tap, fix it as soon as possible
  2. Use filters in the sink and unclog drains regularly
  3. Ensure the correct cleaning and conservation of the safety devices on cookers,  ovens or hobs
  4. Keeps matches, lighters or any other flammable product out of the reach of children
  5. Do not bring curtains, fabrics or other easily flammable objects near heat sources such as stoves, heaters or fireplaces
  6. When unplugging electrical items, do not pull the electrical cord
  7. Never connect electrical appliances that are wet, damp or have damaged cables
  8. Keep extractor fan filters clean
  9. In the case of short circuit of an electrical appliance, cut the power to the main switchboard
  10. Do not attempt repairs to electrical or gas installations - always call a certified professional
  11. Do not open the door of the house or building to anyone without being sure of their identity
  12. Always lock the door, whether you are outside or inside the house
  13. If you live in a ground-floor property, consider installing safety railings on the windows
  14. In case of moving house or loss/theft of keys, replace the locks immediately
  15. Whenever you are away from home for a prolonged period of time, disconnect equipment that does not need to be turned on from the mains, close the water meter and inform your relatives or neighbours to be aware of suspicious movements in and around the house
  16. Consider installing an alarm system
  17. If you have a garden or yard, clean the leaves during the autumn
  18. Whenever there are warnings of storms, rain, strong winds, heatwaves and forest fires, be aware of the recommendations of the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute and Civil Protection (Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera e da Proteção Civil)
  19. In case of extreme weather events, identify the places that could serve as shelter in advance
  20. A multi-risk insurance for the house and its contents guarantees the protection of the house and your goods, as well as safety and comfort for the whole family. 
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