The most expensive place to buy a house in Portugal

An overview of the most expensive areas in Portugal to buy property looking at house prices in Portugal 2021. There are 5 municipalities in Portugal that have prices over 3,000 euros/m2.
Where is the most expensive place to live in Portugal?
12 August 2021, Redaction

Where is the most expensive place in Portugal? When it comes to buying property and looking at the 25 most expensive municipalities to buy a house in Portugal, Lisbon is the most expensive. Those who are selling property in Portugal's capital on average ask for 4,898 euros/m2, making this the most expensive price per square metre in Portugal. This is according to a study by idealista, which takes into account the changes in house prices in Portugal due to the coronavirus pandemic. Let's have a closer look at the full list of the most expensive places to buy a house in Portugal in 2021.

The ranking of the 5 most expensive places to buy a house in Portugal is completed by Cascais (3,691 euros/m2), Grândola (3,376 euros/m2), Loulé (3,026 euro/m2) and Porto (3,026 euros/m2). Sixth place goes to Oeiras which is located in Lisbon district, where the square metre costs 2,997 euros.

With average prices of less than 3,000 euros per square metre, the ranking features Lagos (2,699 euros/m2), Lagoa (2,672 euros/m2), Sesimbra (2,545 euros/m2), Albufeira (2,438 euros/m2), Matosinhos (2,373 euros/m2), Odivelas (2,208 euros/m2) and Tavira (2,199 euros/m2).

The ranking continues with more towns in the district of Lisbon, including Loures (2,179 euros/m2) and Amadora (2,170 euros/m2). These towns are followed by the municipalities of Portimão (2,108 euros/m2), Almada (2,073 euros/m2), Silves (2,039 euros/m2), Vila Real de Santo António and Faro (2,029 euros/m2 in both municipalities), Funchal (2,018 euros/m2) and Olhão (2,004 euros/m2).

In the last 3 places of the ranking, we find the municipalities of Espinho (2,002 euros/m2), Alcochete (1,968 euros/m2) and Nazaré (1,957 euros/m2). Note that while many of the most expensive areas to live are found in the Lisbon district, the Algarve also has 10 of Portugal’s 25 most expensive areas to buy houses in. 

The most expensive municipalities to buy property in each district

The study carried out by idealista also revealed the most exclusive places to live in each district in Portugal. In addition to the districts with municipalities in the top 25 positions, the list of the most expensive town in each district is completed by Montemor-o-Novo in Évora (1,890 euros/m2), Coimbra (1,736 euros/m2), Esposende in Braga (1,564 euros/m2), Odemira in Beja (1,500 euros/m2), Viana do Castelo (1,238 euros/m2) and Vila Real (1,165 euros/m2).  

In the opposite direction, Guarda is the municipality on this list where it is cheapest to buy property in Portugal in 2021 at 713 euros/m2. Ponte de Sor in Portalegre (735 euros/m2), Castelo Branco (796 euros/m2), Mirandela in Bragança (828 euros/m2), Benavente in Santarém (1,105 euros/m2) and Viseu (1,111 euros/m2) follow.

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