Who says you need wood? Try steel or cement for your prefabricated Portuguese house

Wood might be among the most common materials, but it's far from the only option

28 September 2021, Redaction

There has been a tendency in the past to associate prefab houses with poor quality, cookie cutter, prepackaged structures. But prefab is not synonymous with standardized: today in Portugal this type of construction offers a wide variety of solutions, namely in terms of materials, to customize the house according to the tastes and needs of any individual.

Thanks to the pandemic and the search for bigger, smarter spaces, interest in the world of prefab homes continues to grow. But as interest grows there is an important point to make clear: these structures are not only built out of wood. Many other material options exist to build these homes, for example steel and cement.

Prefabricated cement houses

The benifits ​​associated with a prefabricated cement house come from the raw material with which they are made, which has long been a protagonist in the construction world and which guarantees efficiency and durability.

Furthermore, as it is a traditional and insulating material, this can save you from unpleasant surprises over the years. Compared to other materials with which prefab houses are built, the cement offers incredible strength and durability.

Another element to emphasize is that in the event of a fire, concrete, as an insulating material, guarantees maximum fire resistance. A prefab cement house usually has ultra-strong exterior walls that don't deteriorate over time or fade. And so they don't require the frequent maintenance needed for other types of homes.

Prefabricated steel houses

If seismic activity is a concern of yours when considering building a prefabricated house in portugal then steel structures might be the solution. Thanks to the simultaneously resistant, light and flexible raw material with which they are built, they guarantee the best possible defence against an earthquake. And this does not affect the architectural appearance, which can be modeled as desired.

In fact, steel offers the best performance in terms of anti-seismicity. A prefab steel house is not affected by earthquakes, unlike a traditional reinforced concrete construction, which, even if it does not fall during an earthquake, can be damaged and have to be demolished. Steel, on the other hand, remains upright and is not damaged.

But in addition to total anti-seismic safety, a prefab steel house is a housing structure with zero degradation due to resistance - even over the years. The system used  in their construction is fast and precise, and may include components that guarantee high thermal and acoustic insulation.

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