Buying a property on a residential estate

Should I buy a house on a private estate?
3 November 2017, Redaction

Living in an urbanização or private estate formed of apartments, houses or villas is common practice in Portugal, and recommendable for various reasons:

  • With such facilities as swimming pools and tennis courts, communal gardens and play areas for the kids, everything you need will be right on your doorstep! There are some estates that even have their own supermarkets and restaurants.
  • It will make a great holiday home. Even better, when you’re not there, there should be plenty of opportunity to rent it out to other people looking for a short-term holiday let.
  • Community spirit is all too lacking nowadays, but living on an estate gives you a chance to make a group of friends, either of the same nationality as you or from around the world.

Things to watch out for

While all the legal aspects of buying a property on a residential estate are usually very secure thanks to the fact that all the rest of the community who have bought there are under the same contractual obligations, you should still seek the advice of a lawyer, like whenever you buy property. This way, you can ensure that you don’t get bitten by any unexpected maintenance costs all year round for the communal areas, as these can raise the total buying price considerably.

Also, be advised to research very carefully where exactly the estate is located – some of them are near the beach and well communicated with tourist areas, whereas others are a bit out of the way, in the outskirts of cities.

Whatever the case, you’ll have to weigh up the pros and cons carefully, but know that living on a residential estate could just be the perfect option for you.

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