What is the profile of buyers (and sellers) in the housing market in Portugal?

The profile of those looking to buy and sell houses in Portugal
The profile of those looking to buy and sell houses in Portugal / rawpixel/Unsplash
25 September 2018, Redaction

Thirty years old, married or in a common-law union, with university-level education. This is the profile of those heading the search for houses in Portugal, according to the latest study from Century 21, "I Observatório da Habitação em Portugal”.

Demand in the Portuguese real estate market is mainly characterised by women (59.9%), but on the supply side, the scenario is different: it is men who are ahead (52.2%).

What is the profile of people looking for a house in Portugal? What about those who are selling? The aforementioned housing report, presented on Wednesday at the EDP Foundation in Lisbon, sketches the profiles of the main players in the real estate game in Portugal today, with the big news being that women lead the ‘buyer’ category and men the ‘seller’ category.

Who buys and rents?

The study reveals that the demand for housing is led by women (59.9%), individuals between the ages of 18 and 39 (38.3%), married or in civil partnerships (63.6%), families with 2 members (37.6%), those who have received higher education (69.6%) and have an income between 1,000 and 2,000 euro (41.9%).

In terms of employment, the market leaders are people who have permanent employment in private companies, civil servants, and self-employed workers. They work as professional technicians, in middle management, qualified civil servants and workers in the services sector.

Who sells and rents?

The profile of people in the residential market in Portugal who sell or let out properties to others is characterised by a greater presence of men (52.2%), particularly individuals over 50 years of age, households with 2 or 3 members and people with higher education, married or in common-law unions.

In terms of employment, most of them work in private companies with permanent employment, performing functions as technicians, professionals or middle managers, and with average monthly salaries of 1,000 to 2,000 euro.

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