All you need to know about heating your house efficiently in Portugal

Keeping the temperature of your home at an appropriate level can be a financial strain for many families. But there are ways to avoid it.

How can you heat your home more efficiently? / Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash
How can you heat your home more efficiently? / Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash
10 February 2020, Redaction

February is still one of the coldest months of the year and for many people living in Portugal, winter is synonymous with discomfort at home or high energy bills. Many properties are not properly prepared for the low temperatures and maintaining a house with an adequate level of heat, without this causing financial strain, can be a complicated task. Let's have a look at some tips on how to get efficient and affordable home heating.

If you live in a cold and humid area and your is not prepared to face low temperatures, you are not alone, as this is something concerning many residents in Portugal. Most of our homes are not built efficiently and old heating systems are often more complicated and expensive to maintain.

As it is often said, if something is cheap, then it often turns out to be more expensive and this is especially true when it comes to energy consumption. A solution that is advantageous for 2 years can prove very expensive if you want to use it for 5 or 10 years. For example, portable devices such as portable radiators consume a lot of energy. As these devices do not control the temperature, they work longer than necessary. Portable air conditioning systems are equally expensive and inefficient and, in addition, are very noisy and uncomfortable to use.

In order to save the most money on your energy bills, the best options are the following: pellet heating systems and gas boilers. The first thing to keep in mind is that these systems must be well sized in relation to the area that needs heated. For example, a more powerful boiler doesn't necessarily mean greater savings. Under these conditions it will have higher energy consumption.

The existence of pre-installation of central heating greatly influences the final price of the gas boiler solution. If the house is not prepared, it will be necessary to install pipes and radiators in the walls, as well as operating control systems. The complexity of these works varies a lot from house to house and, consequently, installation costs may also be high.

A pellet stove has to be connected to a chimney to exhaust the combustion fumes. If the property does not have a chimney, then the feasibility and legality of installing a pellet heating system must be verified by the local council.

Therefore, if you want to have more a efficient heating system in your house and save money on utility bills, it is advisable to use a simulator to budget the necessary works for the installation of the various heating solutions and do a market research before getting started with any work.

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