A Wine Tour of the Iberian Peninsula

The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is one of the best wine producing regions in the world
The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is one of the best wine producing regions in the world
12 June 2018, LUXIMO'S Christie's

You’re invited to take a virtual tour of the vineyards and specialty wines of the Iberian Peninsula. Vineyards by Christie’s International Real Estate is a programme that brings together experts and specialists in wine who know the premium properties and the best spots where for wine production in the world today.

This one-of-a-kind exclusive service for property buyers looking to purchase vineyards in the world’s most sought-after wine regions. The quality wine regions in the Vineyards programme at the moment are Portugal, France, Italy, California, Oregon, Spain, Argentina and New Zealand.

The Douro region in northern Portugal is a vast area which extends from the seaside city of Porto all the way to the country’s eastern border. Thanks to the river Douro and its tributaries, plus the man-made landscape sculpted over the centuries to adapt nature to the needs of wine production, the Douro Valley is an ecosystem of priceless value with much coveted land.

Just as the Douro flows through the valleys of the region that bears its name, it runs through the hearts of the people of northern Portugal. The grapevines grow on the hills by the river, winding through the whole region and helped by the sun that peeks between the mountains to create the perfect balance of light and shade for growing grapes.

UNESCO awarded the Alto Douro Wine Region World Heritage status as a recognition of its importance in traditional wine production activities. This has only served to reconfirm the outstanding qualities of the Douro Valley, which is also the oldest wine region in the world to be demarcated as a point of origin, first denominated as such in 1756.

As well as the Douro Valley, the Iberian Peninsula plays host to a number of the world’s most revered wine regions, with a rich viticultural history dating back all the way to from 4000 B.C. This includes Spain, which is the world’s third-largest wine producer, with more acres of vineyards than any other country. Portugal, meanwhile, is the world’s seventh-largest wine producer. It has 13 other official wine regions apart from the Douro.

Port is probably the most famous Portuguese wine, a strong and sweet variety that takes its name from the city of Porto where it has been produced and promulgated across Europe since the 1700s. The tipple of choice of sophisticated palates the world over, port is often drunk as a dessert wine although there are drier varieties too.

In the last ten years, several large wineries on the Iberian Peninsula have started buying from small growers to produce world-class wines in ultramodern facilities using high-quality grapes. The most traditional port grapes, like Tinto Roriz and Touriga Nacional, are normally used to produce reds, though also some whites.

One thing’s clear: the tradition of grape growing and wine production that has existed in Portugal and Spain for millennia is now in fashion and land for vineyards in these areas is much in demand. Luximo’s Christie’s is at the forefront of this trend, one of the top real estate brokers with expertise in the field of vineyards on the Iberian Peninsula. You heard it through the grapevine here!

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