In which Southern European cities does it take the greatest effort to pay the rent?

Setúbal is in second place in the ranking, only surpassed by the Italian city of Milan. Faro and Évora are also in the top 10

7 May 2021, Redaction

Milan is the capital of Southern Europe where the effort rate of families to pay the rent of a house is the highest: 42,6%. A figure higher than that registered, for example, in Madrid (36.3%) and Lisbon (35.8%). Another Portuguese city, Setúbal, is in second place in this ranking (40.6%). At issue is a study by idealista, which crossed rental prices for March 2021, in the metropolises of Italy, Spain and Portugal, with the estimated net family income for that same period of time.

It should also be noted that in the top 10, which is made up of five Italian cities and two Spanish, are the Portuguese cities Faro (38.8%) and Évora (37.8%). 

Experts recommend that the ideal is not to exceed one third of the income for the payment of rents. However, in eight Portuguese cities this limit is exceeded. The same happens, for instance, in Spain. 

In the specific case of Portugal, Setúbal is where families have to make a greater financial effort to be able to rent a house, having to allocate 41% of their income to pay the rent. Lisbon and Porto have a lower effort rate: 35,8% and 30,8%, respectively.

Compared to the other cities in Southern Europe, Milan is by far the most expensive metropolis for tenants (42.6%). The top five is completed, in this order, by Setúbal (40.6%), Vicenza (39.6%), Lanusei (39.1%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Algarve city of Faro (both with an effort rate of 38.8%).

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