Lisbon approves housing grant for LGBTI+ community

The LGBTI+ 2020-2021 Municipal Plan will identify municipal support and propose measures in priority areas. This is the first time that a Portuguese municipality will have a plan in this area.

Photo by Eduardo Pastor on Unsplash
3 December 2020, Redaction

The Lisbon Municipal Assembly has approved the country's first LGBTI+ Municipal Plan, which provides for a housing grant for transgender people and an independent flat for young people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex community (LGBTI+) in Portugal. This is the first municipality in Portugal to have a plan in this area, built in collaboration with local activists and community associations, a plan which confirms Portugal's status as one of the most LGTBI+ friendly countries in the world

"Despite legislative advances and global efforts to respond to discrimination, difficulties remain for many LGBTI people when it comes to accessing services, housing, education, and everyday life. Aware of these difficulties, we wanted to create an instrument that identifies them and seeks to articulate and improve the responses of the municipality in order to promote public policies for equality and non-discrimination," reads the preamble to the Plan published by Lisbon City Council (CML).

Among the 21 measures of the 1st LGBTI+ 2020-2021 municipal plan in Portugal, many have already started being implemented. The communiqué highlights the case of ReAJo - Resposta de Autonomização para Jovens LGBTI (Autonomy Response for Young LGBTI People), promoted by Casa Qui, a social solidarity association in Portugal. This project is based around a flat that has emerged as a safe space to support young people between 16 and 23 years of age who may be homeless due to a lack of family support, namely young people expelled from their home after revealing their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

The creation of a housing exchange for transgender victims of violence, the organisation of actions aiming for job market inclusion and capacity building in job search and integration, as well as the organisation of an annual meeting to share information on mental health and strategies in the area of suicide prevention, are other measures that are said to be part of this new plan.

The municipality will also "support community research projects on LGBTI people's health issues and support initiatives that promote recognition of people and spaces linked to the city's LGBTI history".

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