Setubal is (more and more) trendy – and it will have a real estate exhibition in September

Diego Delso/Wikimedia Commons
Diego Delso/Wikimedia Commons
11 September 2019, Redaction

Setubal, on the south bank of the Tajo, has emerged from the "shade" and has become a rejuvenated city, animated by the real estate dynamics that have given a "new face" to that Portuguese area, attracting more and more national investors and foreigners. The first Real Estate Exhibition of Setúbal (SIS) will take place from September 13 to 15 in the Cais 3 building.

The event is organized by the company ETSER, a startup in the area of ​​property management, cleaning and/or maintenance of buildings and rental management, which also has the support of the Escola Superior de Actividades Imobiliárias, CP - Comboios de Portugal, FERTAGUS, AMARSUL and APSS - Administração dos Portos de Setúbal e Sesimbra, S.A.

"We want the I Real Estate Exhibition of Setubal to be a presentation of the products and services that are marketed in the Region of Setubal and that are linked to the real estate sector (we want to have exhibitors from various areas of this sector)," says the Facebook page of the event, which will be free. The SIS will be divided into three large areas, according to the organization: exhibitors/institutional partners, product and services exhibitors and a leisure area (with a cafeteria service and children's play area).

"This region and, specifically, this city, has great potential due to its mountains and the beaches of Arrábida. In addition, some improvement works have been developed in the riverside area of ​​the city, which makes it a 'living room’ par excellence. Finally, there is the excellent gastronomic and touristic offer that attracts many visitors and even new residents," says João Pedro Rasquinho, CEO of SETSER.

Rehabilitation is (still) the solution

The SIS confirms the positive moment the city is experiencing, being sexier and attracting a new wave of real estate investments. At the beginning of the year, the mayor of Setubal, Maria das Dores Meira, referred to the appearance of "new housing construction projects", although in reality the rehabilitation of historic neighbourhoods prevails.

"In the last four years, the acquisition of old buildings for urban rehabilitation has intensified, especially in the historic centre, although this has been a movement that has spread to many areas of the city," said the mayor. Maria das Dores Meira attributed the force of rehabilitation to "the absence of new buildings", underlining, once again, "that it is now reappearing", but also to the enormous demand that the city has received "from foreigners, including many French, Belgians and Brazilians who wanted to settle here, because I think they like the city, its climate and how much it has to offer. "

Without saying much about the future, the mayor of Setubal confirmed the existence of "many investment intentions already confirmed and under negotiation that will significantly change, in the next three years, the ability to offer and further increase the attractiveness [of the city] as a tourist and investment destination.

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