George Clooney plans to build a luxury home close to Comporta, Portugal

The renowned American actor and producer is set to own a plot of land at Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club in Melides.

George Clooney invests in Portugal
30 August 2021, Redaction

George Clooney is next on the list of celebrities deciding to invest in real estate in Portugal. The renowned American actor and producer is in the process of buying a plot of land in the Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club project, in Melides located in he municipality of Grândola. George Clooney's destination of choice for his new villa in Portugal is close to Comporta, which is in the top 5 global destinations preferred by real estate investors. Without further ado, let's get all the details on George Clooney's new home in Portugal.

The Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club, Clooney's chosen location for building a luxury villa in Portugal, was bought in 2019 by the Americans at Discovery Land Company, which until then was in the hands of Semapa, owned by the Queiroz Pereira family. 

According to the Portuguese newspaper ECO, Discovery Land Company was founded by Mike Meldman, current president and CEO. Meldman and George Clooney have been business partners since 2013, when, together with Mexican Rande Gerber, they founded Casamigos, a tequila company which was later sold in 2017.

The publication states that Clooney will build a luxury villa within the Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club project which was initially intended for tourism purposes. The initial plan involved building 3 hotels, 4 tourist villages, 204 villas and a golf course, in an investment of 510 million euros. However, the idea has changed course somewhat, with the construction of 146 single-family villas, 29 residences belonging to the club, a health and wellness centre and a golf course now planned.

Citing market sources, ECO reports that George Clooney will own one of the future plots at Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club, opting to build one of the luxury villas himself. The project should be completed by 2022.

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