The cheapest places to buy property in Portugal

What is the cheapest part of Portugal? Penacova in Coimbra leads the list of the most affordable homes for sale according to an idealista study. We have the details.

What is the cheapest part of Portugal?
6 September 2021, Redaction

Buying a house in Portugal remains a dream for many people who want to move abroad, but due to the pandemic and house prices that continue to rise, people are putting off moving to Portugal in 2021. However, some places are more expensive than others and we are here to show you that you can still find cheap property for sale in Portugal in 2021. With things a little different to the cheapest place to buy property in Portugal in 2020, here is the updated list of the 25 cheapest places to buy property in Portugal in 2021. Take note, especially in the current context of remote working and new house search profiles.

What is the cheapest part of Portugal?

Penacova, in the district of Coimbra, leads the ranking and is the cheapest place to buy property in Portugal in 2021. The owners of this municipality ask, on average, for 428 euros/m2, according to a study by idealista. This affordable real estate in Portugal is a figure that contrasts with the 4,898 euros/m2 of Lisbon where the most expensive property in Portugal is for sale. 

The cheapest houses for sale in Portugal

The ranking of the 5 cheapest municipalities to buy a house in Portugal is complete, in this order, with Mortágua (447 euros/m2), Nisa (467 euros/m2), Góis (467 euros/m2) and Belmonte (481 euros/m2). Carregal do Sal is sixth on the list: in this municipality in Viseu, properties cost 490 euros/m2.

The idealista study also comes to the conclusion that it is possible to buy a house for less than 500 euros/m2 in four other Portuguese towns and villages: Tondela (491 euros/m2), Arganil (496 euros/m2), Fronteira (496 euros/m2) and Vouzela (497 euros/m2).

From here on, from the 10th place in the ranking, the housing cost per m2 is always more than 500 euros. The following municipalities follow in the list of the cheapest places to buy property in Portugal in 2021: Nelas (508 euros/m2), Crato (511 euros/m2), Proença-a-Nova (516 euros/m2), Santa Comba Dão (520 euros/m2), Idanha-a-Nova (526 euros/m2), Alcanena (531 euros/m2), Mangualde (533 euros/m2), Miranda do Corvo (537 euros/m2), Alvaiázere (540 euros/m2), Avis (546 euros/m2), Vila Nova de Poiares (547 euros/m2), Castro Daire (555 euros/m2), Castanheira de Pêra (566 euros/m2), Alpiarça (564 euros/m2) and Vila do Rei (558 euros/m2).

The cheapest towns in each district

With regard to the cheapest municipalities to buy a house by district in Portugal, including the Azores, Madeira and mainland Portugal, Penacova (Coimbra), Mortágua (Viseu) and Nisa (Portalegre), respectively, occupy again the first three places of the podium.

The cheapest place to buy a house in the Lisbon district is Cadaval, with a price of 763 euros/m2, while in the district of Porto, Baião (626 euros/m2) is the most affordable place to buy a house. In the opposite direction is the municipality of Santiago do Cacém, in Setúbal, which is the most expensive among the 20 districts analysed to buy a house at 1,159 euros/m2. 

DistrictMunicipalityPrice in July 2021 (euros/m2)
Castelo BrancoBelmonte481
ÉvoraViana do Alentejo573
Vila RealMontalegre573
São Miguel IslandNortheast 588
Viana do CasteloParedes de Coura601
AveiroCastelo de Paiva606
BragançaMacedo de Cavaleiros622
BragaCabeceiras de Basto753
Madeira IslandSantana863
SetúbalSantiago do Cacém1,159
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