Getting your academic degree accredited in Portugal

Validating a university degree from another country in Portugal / Gtres
Validating a university degree from another country in Portugal / Gtres
10 October 2018, Redaction

There are three different ways to validate your foreign academic qualifications: Equivalence, Recognition and Registration. We are here to tell you all about them, so there’ll be nothing to get in the way of you pursuing your academic career in Portugal.

Equivalence and Recognition

These two are a way to acknowledge a foreign higher education degree in Portugal based on scientific reassessment of the work done to obtain the degree. With equivalence, your foreign academic qualifications will be compared to Portuguese ones depending on the type of degree (graduate, master’s, doctorate), the programme duration, syllabus and the scientific field.

Recognition is an option when there isn’t the same programme in Portugal that would have the same characteristics in terms of syllabus, but that is still considered the same level. For this reason, recognition is only granted for your degree level, not the subject.

Both equivalence and recognition for foreign higher education qualifications can be requested directly from higher education institutions in Portugal.


Registration is a way to recognise foreign degrees of identical level, objectives and nature to the Portuguese degrees giving you the same inherent rights. This procedure applies only to the higher-level degrees in a specific list created by the Foreign Degree Recognition Committee. The goal of this process is to simplify the recognition of foreign degrees and to promote circulation of graduates with their education and their careers.

Each process is different, but you often need to present the required documents before the deadline with a copy of your ID and be prepared to pay some fees.

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