Your guide to rental assistance for young adults in Portugal: applications for Porta 65 start in April

Get help paying your rent in Portugal if you're under 35 years old / Gtres
Get help paying your rent in Portugal if you're under 35 years old / Gtres
11 April 2019, Redaction

The next application period for the latest edition of the Porta 65 Jovem rental programme is coming up: it is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. on 16th April 2019 and end at 6 p.m. on 21st May 2019. What is Porta 65, who can apply for the youth rent assistance programme and what are the requirements to be accepted?

If you want to save money on your rent in Portugal, take a look at this little guide that idealista/news has prepared to help you with all your questions.

What is Porta 65?

The Porta 65 - Jovem programme is a system of financial support for young people, people who are isolated, in one-person households or cohabitating to help them pay their rent. This is regulated by a set of legal statutes that can be read on the Portuguese website Portal da Habitação.

The aim of this rental aid scheme is to provide incentives to young tenants and promote:

  • More autonomous lifestyles for young people on their own, in families or in youth cohabitation;
  • The rehabilitation of run-down urban areas;
  • An economic boost for the Portuguese rental market.

This programme supports the rental of housing for residential purposes, giving grants to young people each month which allows them to pay part of their rent.

Who can apply for Porta 65?

Young people aged 18 or over and under 35 (in the case of young couples, one of them may be up to 37 years old) who meet the following conditions may apply to Porta 65:

  • Hold a tenancy agreement for permanent rented accommodation;
  • Not be receiving any other cumulative benefits from any subsidies or any other form of public support for housing;
  • None of the young members of the household may be the owner or tenant for housing purposes of another building or property;
  • None of the young members of the household can be related to the landlord.

How can I apply for Porta 65?

If you are a young person who wants to apply for housing assistance in Portugal, you can apply electronically on the official Portuguese-language website Portal da Habitação. To do so, just click on "Submit" (“Apresentar”), in the "Application" category (“Candidatura”), and then enter your NIF identity number and the password to access the Finance Gateway.

"All candidates from young households must access the platform with their NIF and respective password and fill in the personal data of each person in the household," reads the information on the Portal da Habitacão.

How do the benefits of the Porta 65 programme work?

The young person is entitled to support for 12 months, and by the 8th of each month a percentage of the rent is transferred to the bank account indicated in the application.

The grant is awarded to applications in descending up to the limit of the available amount. This means that even if you meet all the requirements, it still may not be possible to obtain support from the programme.

How many application periods for the Porta 65 are there per year?

There are four application periods per year: two consecutive periods in April, one in September and one in December, of at least 15 days each.

After submitting an application, you may be sent a request for clarification at any time during the application assessment period, and so you should consult the "provide clarification" area of the application at least once a week.

When do I find out the results of my Porta 65 application?

The examination period for applications is 60 days after the closing of the April application deadline and 45 days after the closing of the September and December applications. The lists of results are published on the website

As a rule, the results of the April applications are published in September, the results of the September application are published in December and the results of the December application are published in March.

What is the maximum amount of income I can receive with Porta 65?

The amount of money you get cannot exceed the maximum rent allowed in the area where the house is located and for the typology of the house. For example, in Greater Lisbon, the maximum rent allowed for a T0 or T1 home (studio or 1-bedroom property) cannot exceed 575 euro. You can consult the maximum rental charges by city and number of bedrooms online.

Moreover, the rent cannot exceed 60% of the average gross monthly income of the household.

What are the application requirements for Porta 65?

  • All applicants must be holders (tenants) of the lease or promissory contract;
  • The tax address of all members of the youth household must be the same as that of the rented house;
  • The value of the rent must be equal to or less than 60% of the average gross monthly income of the household;
  • The rent cannot exceed the maximum allowed rent (Renda Máxima Admitida or RMA) in the area where the house is located and for the property type;
  • The typology must be appropriate to the number of people in the household (not, for example, one person living in a 4-bed home);
  • None of the youths or members of the household may be owners or tenants for housing purposes of another building or property, regardless of the location, or the manner in which they became the owner;
  • None of the young people may be a relative of the landlord;
  • The adjusted monthly income of the household may not exceed four times the value of the maximum income admitted for each zone minus the RMA;
  • The adjusted monthly household income may not exceed four times the minimum wage;
  • All applicants must have their permanent residence registered to the property;
  • Applicants cannot have outstanding debts from any previous Youth Lease Incentive program (Incentivo ao Arrendamento por Jovens or IAJ);
  • This grant cannot be combined with other public financial support for housing.

Where and how can I get extra info on Porta 65?

The Portal da Habitação’s Frequently Asked Questions section has useful information in Portuguese, but there are other ways to get clarification too, such as:

  • Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P., Lojas Ponto JA)
  • Institute for Housing and Urban Regeneration (Instituto da Habitação e da Reabilitação Urbana, I.P.)
  • Madeira Housing Investments (Investimentos Habitacionais da Madeira, E.P.E.)
  • Agency for Administrative Modernisation (Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, Espaços do Cidadão)
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