IMI Portugal 2021: The complete guide to deadlines and payment options

The first (and maybe only) deadline for paying IMI in Portugal is coming up - it's on 31st May.

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10 May 2021, Redaction

Buying a property in Portugal also means paying a series of taxes. One of the taxes that is due very year is the Municipal Property Tax (IMI). This year, the IMI tax bill have already been sent out and payment - in full or the first instalment - must be made by 31st May.

idealista/news has prepared a guide with everything you need to know about deadlines, infractions and payment methods to pay the IMI in 2021, based on the explanations of Portal das Finanças.

When should I expect to receive the notification for payment?

The notifications to pay IMI in Portugal will be sent by the Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira (AT) throughout the month of May. Have you checked your mailbox? It may have arrived already.

I haven't received the tax bill. What should I do?

In this case, Portal das Finanças suggests that you request a second copy at any tax office. You can also obtain one by consulting the portal, selecting in the side menu the option 'Serviços' and then clicking on the following options successively: Consultar/Imóveis/Notas Cobrança.

How and when can I pay the Municipal Property Tax in Portugal?

IMI can be paid all at once or in instalments, but the latter is only available for amounts over 100 euros. Let's have a look at the values and respective payment limits:

  • If the amount of IMI is 100 euros or less, payment must be made in full by May 31.
  • If the amount is between 100 and 500 euros, you can pay in two instalments: one in May and another in November.
  • If the amount is more than 500 euros, you can pay in three instalments: one in May, another in August and the last one in November.

If I do not pay within the established deadline, what happens?

In case of late payment, the IMI code provides that late payment interest will be due. Portal das Finanças also clarifies that the "non-payment of an instalment or annuity, within the established period, implies the immediate maturity of the remaining instalments, with interest due for late payment under the terms previously mentioned".

And, as this is a tax offence, the Portuguese tax authorities can also apply a fine, which can vary between 150 and 3,750 Euros. The seriousness of the delay and the amounts involved are two factors that can dictate the payment of higher fines.

What if there are delays on the part of the tax authority?

Portal das Finanças assumes two situations for late payment where the responsibility lies with the AT:

  • If the collection documents are issued outside the normal settlement period, they can be paid until the end of the month following the notification.
  • Only collection documents relating to two or more years, of an amount greater than 250 euros and whose liquidation has been delayed due to the responsibility of the tax administration, will be paid at six-month intervals (in annuities) counted from the month following that of notification.

Collection documents relating to assessments made outside the normal period will be sent by registered letter, or by electronic notification, for taxpayers who have an electronic mailbox.

Where can I pay IMI in Portugal?

There are several ways to pay IMI:

  • In the collection sections of the tax office;
  • At the post office counters;
  • At the branches of the credit institutions with a protocol signed with the AT;
  • At the Multibanco cash machines network;
  • Through home banking;
  • Through direct debit;
  • Through the app "Situação Fiscal – Pagamentos".
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