Rooms for rent and shared accommodation trends in Portugal in 2020

The offer of rooms for rent in Portugal has soared 77% and Lisbon is the most expensive city, while the profile of those choosing to share a house is changing.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
21 September 2020, Redaction

Renting a room in Portugal is no longer a trend that is exclusively linked students. More and more young adults are opting for this solution: either because they are starting work or because they want to live outside their parents' home and this is a cheaper option, given the costs of renting an entire property. This option is also, of course, an alternative to buying, and a great option for young expats moving to Portugal, whether to study or work. Last year, according to a study published by idealista, the real estate marketplace in Portugal, the offer of rooms to rent in shared houses soared by 77%, something that contributed to a slight drop in prices in some areas. 

According to the annual report on room rental and flatshares in Portugal, the increase in supply has led to falls in prices of rooms in Lisbon and Porto, with the drop in the capital city being 9% and 3% in Porto, compared with the last 12 months. Prices also fell in Faro by around 8%. In Coimbra and Braga, the values of the rooms to rent remain unchanged compared to last year, with Aveiro and Leiria rising, with an increase of 13% in both cities.

CityAverage agePrice: August 2019 (€)Price: August 2020 (€)Variation
Aveiro31236 €267 €13%
Braga33256 €255 €0%
Coimbra27202 €203 €0%
Faro29315 €290 €-8%
Leiria31190 €214 €13%
Lisbon32410 €371 €-9%
Porto31308 €299 €-3%
Setúbal35280 €288 €3%

Despite the decline, Lisbon remains the city with the most expensive rooms for rent in Portugal, where prices are around 371 euros per month, followed by Porto (299 euros per month), Faro (290 euros per month), Setúbal (288 euros), Aveiro (267 euros) and Braga (255 euros). On the other hand, of the cities analysed, the most economical and cheapest places in Portugal to rent a room are Coimbra (203 euros) and Leiria (214 euros). It should also be noted that the demand for rooms in a shared flat in Portugal grew by 8% compared to the same period last year.

The profile of those who share a house or flat in Portugal

People aged 33, living in the centre of large cities and who are non-smokers (although they are tolerant of those who smoke), mark the profile of those who are most likely to flatshare in Portugal:

The average age of the inhabitants of a shared house varies according to the geographical area, Setúbal being the city with the highest average, around 35 years old. Braga follows, with an average age of 33 and Lisbon where the average is 32. In Aveiro, Leiria and Porto, the average is 31 for the three cities, followed by Faro, with an average of 29 years old. Coimbra, traditionally a student city, has a lower average age - the inhabitants of shared houses in this city are around 27 years old.

The study also shows that in 77% of shared properties, both sexes live together, while in 18% only females reside, while 5% of flatshares are exclusively male.

Renting a room is no longer just for students

The data published in this report reveal that renting rooms is no longer a housing option for students only, but has also become the option of choice for young people in their early years on the job market and in some cases even later. The current reality of the Portuguese rental market in big cities makes it complex for many single or separated people to bear the cost of an entire house, making renting a room the most advantageous option. On the other hand, sharing a house continues to be a stimulus for many young people who want to be independent and leave their parents' house, a trend that is likely to increase in the coming years. 

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