Can the concierge or doorman request ID from people entering or leaving my apartment building?

1 August 2019, Redaction

Living in an apartment block isn’t always easy, especially these days when permanent residents and tourists mix in the same building. Strange faces walking around can sometimes scare people and the condo in general may want to start controlling who enters and exits the building. But is this possible (and legal)? In today's article, provided by DECO - Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor for idealista/news, we clarify readers’ doubts and questions about the role of a doorman in a block of flats.

I live in a building with lots of neighbours and lots of short-term tourist rental apartments. This means that strangers are often coming in and out of the building. My question is this: can our doorman ask people he doesn't know to identify themselves?

First of all, there is an obligation to inform the condominium administrators that there are apartments there being rented out for the purpose of short-term holiday lets, and that the tenants must be identified.

In fact, the landlord does not need to ask the neighbours for permission to start renting out their house for vacational purposes, but has a legal obligation to inform the administration of this situation.

It is also up to the owner to inform their various tenants of the rules of the condo, since the rights and obligations with regard to the use of the common areas also apply to them in the same way. This refers specifically to the use of the common spaces that must necessarily be used such as stairs, elevators and the hallway.

To answer your question about what the concierge can or should do, we inform you that yes, they can effectively question the reason for unknown persons being in the building and can even refuse them entry, within the scope of their duties.

A doorman is responsible for the security, order and cleanliness of the condominium as a whole and represents the first point of contact of the block with the outside. It is in this person that the residents place their trust.

Their main duties relate to mail, people going in and out, and the general maintenance and order of the place. Their function is so fundamental to the place they sit in, usually the entrance to the building, that it is regulated separately at the local level by each municipality.

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